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LED Juggling Performance

booking highlights

   World-class talent highlighted by cutting-edge LED visual technology

   Flexible entertainment that can tailor to your request, ranging from engaging interactivity to the visual ambiance

   Dazzling 20-minute LED shows, 5-minute flash acts and strolling/ambiance entertainment are available

   Astonishing and engaging entertainment ideal for corporate events, private parties, and more

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Witness the spellbinding talent of this professional light juggler for events, known as a two-time world championship medalist with extraordinary skills whose performances are a symphony of precision, laughter, and awe-inspiring feats. His showcases are the epitome of entertainment, combining thrilling stunts and an engaging sense of humor with unparalleled dexterity and balance. Perfect for audiences both young and old, he brings a level of mastery to the stage that turns every event into a momentous occasion.

This juggler is not merely a performer; he is an artisan of the juggling craft, carefully curating acts that resonate with any type of celebration. He offers a diverse array of entertainment options that are guaranteed to be the highlight of your corporate event, private party, or public gathering. Choose from his high-energy comedy juggling, which promises big laughs and interactive moments, or opt for his polished stage acts that blend technical prowess with theatrical allure.

Take your event from memorable to unforgettable with this act's sensational fire performances or dive into an ocean of colors with his mind-bending LED juggling show. Elevate your experience further with customizable Visual Image Poi performances that turn juggling into a canvas of light artistry. For a more personal touch, this juggler's engaging strolling entertainment ensures that every guest feels part of the excitement.

This LED juggler's commitment to creating a unique and personalized atmosphere for your event is unmatched. His performances are not just entertainment; they are carefully crafted experiences designed to leave your guests with a lasting impression of wonder and joy. For an entertainer who juggles not just with objects but with the very essence of what makes an event special, look no further than this stunning circus entertainment for hire.


  • Keysight Technologies
  • Lasseter Winery
  • Foresite Capital
  • California Great America
  • US Bank
  • AT&T
  • Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino
  • Jack Daniels
  • Ironstone Vineyards
  • E.&J. Gallo Winery
  • MacHouse Productions
  • Great Dicken's Christmas Fair
  • San Bernardino County Fair
  • Dixon-May Fair
  • Amador County Fair
  • and many many more...


"This juggler was professional and delightful...talented and outgoing, he entertained and engaged with our guests, i would hire him again without reservation - highly recommended!!"

Stephen Pirak (Lasseter Winery)