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Marilyn Monroe Lookalike

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   Marilyn Monroe impersonator has appeared in over 40 movies and films

   Marilyn Monroe impersonator is a top pick for Universal Studios Hollywood Press Events

   Available to perform worldwide and based in Los Angeles, California

   Appearances in various reality TV pitches and documented

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The most requested Marilyn lookalike for over a thousand corporate, civic, and fundraising events across the US is now available to you. She won Hollywood Entertainment Museum's “Reel Award” as well has been approved by the Estate Of Marilyn Monroe! This talented woman portrayed the beautiful legend in 35 Films & television projects including James Dean: An Invented Life, The Best of TRL, Dickie Roberts, History’s Mysteries, palling around with the "Fashion Guy" Lawrence Zarian on the TV Guide Channel, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and most recently Alternate History on Spike TV.

Appearances in various reality TV pitches and documented by one of the original "Mad Men", Leonard Glasser. She has been included in a sell-out book entitled 'Marilyns Are A Guy's Best Friend' where she was honored as an outstanding Look-alike in the photo documentary "Meet The Stars Of The Stars". She's inspired 3 songs while out in the world and that's unusual as an impersonator, traveling and performing "Fever" at a CD signing in front of 23 piece Latin swing band as Universal Studios' star Marilyn for press events- all blessings from being able to attend ceremonies where they welcomed an expensive bottle (Perrier Jouet) down with them via helicopter during its lowering celebration alongside Johnny Grant who accepted his star upon becoming the newest member within Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Marilyn Monroe is a look-alike who has been impersonating the iconic movie star for years. She takes on different talents from singing, acting and makeup to costuming herself as if it were one big act of recreation but with attention paid towards authenticity; making wigs out of what some might say are just extensions. Her personality flows through every inch she adapts to creating this character that people fall head over heels in love with all over again. And Her appearances as Marilyn have inspired 3 recorded songs. When John Gilmore author of Inside Marilyn Monroe, met Marilyn during their first meeting he said “I feel Marilyn vibes coming from you. Contact our entertainment specialist today to book our Marilyn Monroe Impersonator.