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Altus Entertainment offers captivating British-themed acts that bring the unique charm and character of the United Kingdom to your event. Our range of lookalikes, impersonators, tribute bands, and performers pay tribute to some of Britain's most beloved figures and music acts, ensuring an authentic and unforgettable British experience. Whether it's for themed functions, parties, awards ceremonies, or corporate events, choose Altus Entertainment for a distinctly British touch to your next event.

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A man strolling in a blue suit with his hands up | Altus Entertainment
Austin Powers Lookalike
Ultimate Austin Powers impersonator that will WOW your guests with his spot-on British Accent, comedy, and jaw-dropping fashion sense ,Past clients include Sony, Coca Cola, F1, Disney, Dior, & Pirelli,Ideal for corporate events, trade shows, galas, private parties, and more ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles
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Scottish performer in traditional kilt playing a bagpipe at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
English Bagpiper
Over forty years of bagpipe playing experience, with origins in a distinguished military regiment,Has performed for the Royal Family and at the White House, attesting to his high level of acclaim,Provides a sophisticated and authentic addition to events requiring a touch of regal tradition,Offers a breadth of music suitable for various occasions, from formal to celebratory,Ensures an immersive and emotional experience with the poignant sound of the bagpipes
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Three-piece Gypsy Jazz Band | Altus Entertainment
Three-piece Gypsy Jazz Band
Captivating Gypsy Jazz performances that transport audiences to another era,Self-taught musician backed by experienced musicians such as Stephane Wrembel, Denis Chang, and more,Passionate musicians who share their love for Gypsy Jazz,Versatile ensemble perfect for festivals, jazz events, and intimate venues,Experience the infectious rhythms and melodies of Gypsy Jazz
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Group of musicians performing with various instruments in a rehearsal room | Altus Entertainment
Edwardian Themed Cover Band
Unique Edwardian-Themed Cover Band,Fusion of classic rock and dance tunes,Highly interactive on-stage performance,Band members boogie with guests
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A woman in a vintage dress and tiara sitting at a themed party. | Altus Entertainment
Queen Elizabeth II Lookalike
The perfect Queen Elizabeth II impersonator that can create tailored speeches for company launches, celebrations, and more,She is available for meet and greets, photo opportunities, emceeing, and more ,Ideal for corporate events, trade shows, galas, private parties and more ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles
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Two entertainers performing live at a concert, one artist skillfully playing the piano while the other passionately sings into a microphone. | Altus Entertainment
Sir Elton John & Billy Joel Tribute
Timeless hits, dynamic performance,Stunning costumes, electrifying stage presence,Authentic tribute to rock legends,Performed in Vegas, luxury venues, cruise ships worldwide,High-energy, interactive show
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British Themed Impersonators and Entertainment Acts

Welcome to Altus Entertainment, where British charm meets captivating entertainment. Our British-themed acts and performers bring the unique flair of the United Kingdom to your event, paying homage to some of Britain's most beloved figures and music acts.

From the sports field to the music stage, our range of lookalikes and impersonators is sure to impress. Captivate your guests with our David Beckham lookalike, or entertain them with our hilarious Mr. Bean impersonator. For music enthusiasts, our tribute bands, like One Direction and Little Mix, deliver high-energy performances that will delight any audience.

Our British-themed acts also extend to classic characters from British literature, like Alice in Wonderland, adding a whimsical touch to your event. For an extra splash of English glamour, our Union Jack vocal trio belts out British chart-toppers with flair, while our air hostesses bring a sense of sophistication, serving canapés and beverages with grace.

Altus Entertainment's British-themed acts are perfect for themed functions, parties, awards ceremonies, corporate events, and special celebrations. Whatever your event, our talented performers guarantee an authentic and unforgettable tribute to Great Britain.

Experience the charm and character of the United Kingdom without leaving your event. Delve into Altus Entertainment's exceptional British-themed entertainment and let us bring the essence of Britain to your next event.