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Hire 1980s Tribute Bands for Events

Hire 1980s tribute bands or 1990s themed entertainment from Altus Entertainment for a nostalgic musical journey. Our bands deliver high-energy performances, creating immersive experiences that transport your guests back to these vibrant eras of music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our bands are flexible and can tailor their setlists to fit your event's theme and mood.

While music is a significant component, we also provide dancers, celebrity impersonators, and other entertainment options to create a comprehensive experience.

Yes, they are versatile and perfect for private parties, corporate functions, festivals, and more, adapting to the unique atmosphere of each event type.

Acts List

Live band performance on stage at a bustling nightclub | Altus Entertainment
80s Tribute Band
Professional and easygoing band ensuring a smooth event experience,Scalable performance to accommodate any size venue,Fully self-contained with lighting and sound equipment for high-quality shows,Fast and efficient setup and breakdown,Authentic 80s music experience with live performances
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A group of people | Altus Entertainment
Nostalgic Quartet
Harmonious hits from '50s and '60s classics,Unique '90s a cappella infusion,Versatile performances with or without live piano,Colorful costumes and engaging personalities,Perfect for both corporate and private events
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A themed cover band from the 1980s and 1990s performing on stage. | Altus Entertainment
80s Retro Cover Band
Plays an extensive repertoire of chart-topping party hits from all decades with their 80s theme being the most popular,Professional vocalists who have been featured on shows such as The Voice, American Idol, and The Sing-Off! ,Styled in fashionable attire suitable for any event including, black tie, formal, cocktail, gala dinners, and more,Available to book worldwide, based in Los Angeles
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A group of people posing for a photo at a football game with 1980s and 1990s vibes. | Altus Entertainment
High-Energy '80s Tribute Band
High-energy 80s tribute band that has a large repertoire playing songs from the most popular 80s bands and groups,Their shows cover the biggest hits and artists of this iconic era! From Madonna, Michael Jackson, Guns and Roses, Duran Duran, Prince, Journey, Cyndi Lauper, The Cure, Pat Benatar, The Cars, and much more ,They are always looking for new ways to engage their fans, and this is one of the most fun things about them,Available for worldwide bookings, based in North Carolina
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Male performer wearing a leather jacket and holding a microphone on stage at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Scorpions Tribute Band
An extensive repertoire that covers Scorpions hits across multiple decades,Dynamic performances that capture the spirit and energy of the Scorpions,Available for a wide range of events, both domestically and internationally,A crowd-pleasing act for die-hard rock fans and newcomers alike,Continually updated setlist that includes the latest releases and deep cuts
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A man and woman performing on stage with a microphone | Altus Entertainment
'80s Pop Tribute Band
Toured internationally with several major acts from the 80's decade,Male and female vocalists who were top contestants on X-Factor and American Idol,Known for their high-energy and crowd engagement,Professional and easy to work with,Brings a true concert experience to your event
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Musician poised to perform on stage, equipped with an electric guitar, adorned in a striking black and gold patterned jacket, surrounded by professional musical equipment at a live music venue. | Altus Entertainment
Stellar Event Band
Electrifying performances igniting your events,A versatile repertoire from the 60s to today,Michigan's finest musicians and vocal talents,Dynamic shows with cross-genre music mastery,Transforming events into legendary music experiences
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A group of entertainers in black suits posing professionally for a promotional image | Altus Entertainment
Energized Dance Band
Energetic dance band igniting the party with hits for every generation,Global stages, unforgettable energy,High-energy music across genres,Perfect for private parties, gala dinners, corporate occasions and more ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in San Diego,Opened for A-list music legends
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Freddie Mercury impoersonator performer passionately singing on concert stage with microphone. | Altus Entertainment
Queen Tribute Event Band
Relive Queen's iconic anthems live,Authentic tribute with seasoned rock performers,Frontman channels Freddie Mercury's magnetism,Electrifying recreation of Queen's live shows
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Hire 1980s Tribute Bands for Events

Elevate your event to a new level of excitement when you hire 1980s tribute bands or 1990s themed entertainment through Altus Entertainment. Our bands are not just musicians; they are the time machines that transport your guests back to the most vibrant eras of music.

Relive the unforgettable synth-pop sounds, neon leg warmers, and the classic anthems that kept everyone on the dance floor with our 80s tribute bands. They will rock your event with high-energy performances that flawlessly capture the essence of the decade, from chart-toppers to those unforgettable one-hit wonders we all loved.

Want to switch to grunge, hip-hop, or 90s pop classics? Our 90s country bands and rock bands are ready to pay homage to the artists who shaped this era, hitting every note from soulful ballads to guitar-shredding solos.

But we don't stop there. Our 80's wedding bands are experts at filling the dance floor, guaranteeing a wedding reception where every song is a throwback hit, every dance move is a trip down memory lane, and the entire evening is a delightful celebration of the best the 80s and 90s had to offer.

Whether it's a corporate event, private party, or retro-themed festival, our acts bring music and a fun-filled atmosphere, combining the vibrant pulse of the 80s and the cool vibes of the 90s into one electrifying package.

When you're ready to throw the ultimate blast-from-the-past event, give us a call. Let us make your next event a rad, righteous, and unforgettable journey through the greatest eras of music.