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1980s and 1990s Themed Acts

Hire 1980s Tribute Bands for Events

Hire 1980s tribute bands or 1990s themed entertainment from Altus Entertainment for a nostalgic musical journey. Our bands deliver high-energy performances, creating immersive experiences that transport your guests back to these vibrant eras of music.

FAQ: 1980s and 1990s Themed Acts

Absolutely! Our bands are flexible and can tailor their setlists to fit your event's theme and mood.

While music is a significant component, we also provide dancers, celebrity impersonators, and other entertainment options to create a comprehensive experience.

Yes, they are versatile and perfect for private parties, corporate functions, festivals, and more, adapting to the unique atmosphere of each event type.


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Hire 1980s Tribute Bands for Events

Elevate your event to a new level of excitement when you hire 1980s tribute bands or 1990s themed entertainment through Altus Entertainment. Our bands are not just musicians; they are the time machines that transport your guests back to the most vibrant eras of music.

Relive the unforgettable synth-pop sounds, neon leg warmers, and the classic anthems that kept everyone on the dance floor with our 80s tribute bands. They will rock your event with high-energy performances that flawlessly capture the essence of the decade, from chart-toppers to those unforgettable one-hit wonders we all loved.

Want to switch to grunge, hip-hop, or 90s pop classics? Our 90s country bands and rock bands are ready to pay homage to the artists who shaped this era, hitting every note from soulful ballads to guitar-shredding solos.

But we don't stop there. Our 80's wedding bands are experts at filling the dance floor, guaranteeing a wedding reception where every song is a throwback hit, every dance move is a trip down memory lane, and the entire evening is a delightful celebration of the best the 80s and 90s had to offer.

Whether it's a corporate event, private party, or retro-themed festival, our acts bring music and a fun-filled atmosphere, combining the vibrant pulse of the 80s and the cool vibes of the 90s into one electrifying package.

When you're ready to throw the ultimate blast-from-the-past event, give us a call. Let us make your next event a rad, righteous, and unforgettable journey through the greatest eras of music.