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Scottish performer in traditional kilt playing a bagpipe at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment

English Bagpiper

booking highlights

   Over forty years of bagpipe playing experience, with origins in a distinguished military regiment

   Has performed for the Royal Family and at the White House, attesting to his high level of acclaim

   Provides a sophisticated and authentic addition to events requiring a touch of regal tradition

   Offers a breadth of music suitable for various occasions, from formal to celebratory

   Ensures an immersive and emotional experience with the poignant sound of the bagpipes

Services Offered

English Bagpiper PHOTOS

Experience the stirring sounds of Scottish heritage with our distinguished English Bagpiper, a seasoned musician with over four decades of mastery in the traditional art of the bagpipes. His illustrious career began with the esteemed 1st Battalion The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), where he refined his skills and performed with exceptional poise and precision.

Our bagpiper's history is not merely one of experience; it is one steeped in honor and prestige. Having played the bagpipes for members of the current Royal Family and having been a distinguished guest at the White House, where he performed for President George H.W. Bush, his talents are recognized and celebrated at the highest levels.

When it comes to your special occasion—be it a wedding, corporate event, commemorative ceremony, or any gathering that calls for a touch of solemnity and grandeur—our English Bagpiper offers a service that goes beyond mere musical performance. He envelops each event in an aura of tradition and nobility, creating moments that will echo in the hearts of your guests long after the last note has faded.

For those seeking to infuse their event with authentic British-themed music acts or the captivating sound of a bagpipe player for events, look no further. With our piper's extensive repertoire and unparalleled experience, he stands ready to turn your occasion into a truly unforgettable celebration.

Engage the services of our English Bagpiper and let the powerful resonance of the bagpipes elevate your event into an extraordinary and memorable affair, imbued with the spirit of the Highlands and the solemn grace that only bagpipe music can convey.

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