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Classical Piano Player

booking highlights

   Extensive repertoire of music from the 1920s through the 1970s

   Offers a full entertainment experience

   Flexible performance style suitable for both background ambiance and featured entertainment

   Incorporates humor for an engaging and personable presentation

   Professional and experienced in catering to a variety of events and audiences

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Classical Piano Player PHOTOS

Be swept away by the timeless tunes and elegant charm of our Classical Piano Player, a virtuoso whose keys breathe life into music spanning half a century. As a versatile and experienced pianist and vocalist, he offers a repertoire that echoes the sophistication of the '20s through the vibrant '70s.

His talent is not confined to the instrumental realm; his vocal accompaniment adds a layer of warmth and intimacy to each performance. Whether you desire the delicate ambiance of background music or a captivating showcase for an engaged audience, he effortlessly adapts to set the perfect tone for your event.

Beyond just playing well-known and beloved melodies, this classical piano player intertwines spontaneous and appropriate humor, ensuring a lively and memorable experience for all. His ability to entertain is matched only by his musical prowess, making him an ideal choice for those who appreciate the rich history and stories that classic piano music can tell.

Our piano musician for hire brings more than just notes to an event; he brings moments of joy, nostalgia, and sophistication. Each classic piano performance is an artful blend of skill and personality, tailored to delight guests and complement the elegance of any gathering.

Invite our Classical Piano Player to your event, and indulge in the captivating performance of a consummate professional. Whether for a corporate function, a private soirée, or a community event, his music will resonate with audiences and provide an enchanting backdrop or center stage attraction.

  • private individuals
  • private clubs
  • senior residences
  • schools
  • too many to list

This pianist played for us for a party of about 80 people held outdoors during the summer under a tent. His playing fit in with the crowd perfectly -- enough volume to entertain but not to overwhelm conversation. His musical choices were just right for the occasion. He has a really large repertoire -- and he has a really good voice. He is a nice person to deal with. Reasonably priced, shows up early, plays late, is kind to the audience, and is a pleasure to do business with.

Deanne S.

Fantastic! He was fantastic at our parent’s 50th anniversary party! It was just perfect. He had us laughing, singing along, and dancing. Everyone had a great time. He definitely knows how to play to a party. Thank you!

Amber S