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Hilarious Stage Magician

booking highlights

   Engaging humor and captivating magic combined

   Perfect for private parties and corporate events

   Specializes in interactive Parlor Magic

   Tailors performance to audience size and type

   Highlights guests of honor with comedic flair

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Best comedy magician for hire to bring a wave of laughter and amazement to your event. This hilarious magical comedy act combines rib-tickling humor with astonishing magic, ensuring your audience, whether 40 or 300 strong, is entertained and mystified. Perfect for cocktail hours, private parties, or corporate events, our magician knows just how to tailor his act to the mood of the room.

Looking for hilarious magical comedy acts that will keep your guests talking long after the event? Our funny stage magician is a master at creating an interactive experience that involves the audience, making your special guests feel part of the magic. Laughter is guaranteed as he weaves through the crowd, spotlighting guests of honor with his quick wit and clever illusions.

This best comedy magician for hire isn't just a performer; he's an experience. His specialization in Parlor Magic means that your conference meetings, team-building events, or private parties are in for a treat—a blend of close-up magic and stand-up comedy that brings people together and sparks conversation.

Invite our funny stage magician to your next event and watch him transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary spectacle. With magic tricks that boggle the mind and jokes that hit the funny bone, he's the complete package.


  • Comcast
  • Isla Bella Resort
  • Jackpot Junction Casino
  • Triumph Motorcycles
  • VM Ware
  • Hamilton Princess Hotel
  • Dorsey, Costco
  • BMO Harris
  • Donaldson Company


“The world’s greatest magician.”

Ed Koller, Koller Search Partners NYC

“He is like a modern-day Johnny Carson for magic. He has a smooth, charming style that draws the attention of everyone in the room. I've seen him perform three times and enjoyed every minute of each performance. I've given up trying to formulate a theory for how he actually does any of his work--it's just baffling and I'm OK with that.”

Larkin Hoffman