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Altus Entertainment offers the unique opportunity to hire human statue performers, blending realism with entertainment for your event. From custom statues to multi-talented performances, our artists promise to captivate and amaze your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Human statue artists are performers who transform themselves into lifelike statues using costumes, makeup, and body paint. They remain stationary for extended periods, often surprising guests when they move or perform.

Absolutely! Our human statue artists can be tailored to fit various themes, whether you're looking to recreate famous statues or desire a custom statue that incorporates specific elements.

Yes, our human statue artists can work with you to incorporate specific elements, such as a brand's logo or products, into their appearance and performance.

Acts List

A mysterious living statue pedaling a bicycle through the woods. | Altus Entertainment
Mysterious Living Statues
Incredibly realistic living statues that bring a hint of mystery to events ,A wide variety of themed living statues,Ideal for themed events, cocktail receptions, corporate events, private parties and more
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A human statue of a mermaid lounging on a bed at the beach. | Altus Entertainment
Nautical Sea Living Statues
Wide range of sea-themed characters and nautical living statues,Customizable selection of sea characters can be booked as a set or individually,Great for private events, nautical parties, "under the sea" themes and more,Based in Rhode Island and available for bookings worldwide
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A living furniture piece that features a woman's face | Altus Entertainment
Living Furniture
Grand baroque sofa with interactive twist,Engaging golden characters delight guests,Engages guests in playful interaction,Opulent décor doubles as interactive art
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A group of people laying on the grass in front of statues | Altus Entertainment
Living Art Enchanted Garden Characters
Vast array of costumes and themes to fit all occasions ,Brings art to life with dynamic performances ,Perfect for corporate functions, product launches, and more
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Classical statue of a figure in peaceful indoor scenery with lush greenery and elegantly draped fabrics | Altus Entertainment
Living Fountain Statue
Enchanting fusion of art and water,Bespoke themes for every event,Unforgettable visual spectacle,Poise and elegance in motion,Mesmerizing water performance art
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Atmosphere Wave Duo | Altus Entertainment
Atmosphere Wave Duo
Distinctive act that stands out from typical event performances,Ability to customize the performance to match the theme of your event,Performers are professionals with an incredible sense of balance and grace,Easy to incorporate into any event space due to the act's stationary nature
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A bronze statue of a man with a pen. | Altus Entertainment
Iconic Historical Living Statues
Available to book as living statues or walkabout characters,Wide array of character choices to suit your next event as individuals or a collection,For all your cultural and historical celebrations, education days or to create a unique party,Icons include Mozart, Shakespeare, George Washington, and many more
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A statue of a man and a woman holding hands | Altus Entertainment
Living Statues Ancient World Creations
Statues bring the ancient world to life, Roman Greek, or whatever you can think up.,Available to book separately, or as a package with theme,Great choice for receptions, corporate, and themed events ,Available to serve drinks at wine themed stations ,Based in Rhode Island and available for worldwide bookings
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Sculpture of a male performer in white attire holding a cloth - Entertainment Company's Artist Collection | Altus Entertainment
Living Statue Paris
Trained at the renowned École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris under Marcel Marceau,Over two decades of experience captivating audiences with the art of the living statue,Engaging performances that blend motionless art with captivating, subtle movements,Offers a unique and sophisticated form of entertainment suitable for various themes and events,Expertly executed Greek-themed and other walkabout acts for a classic artistic touch
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Hire Human Statue Characters for Events!

In the world of event planning, it's the unique touches that often leave the most lasting impressions. With Altus Entertainment, you can elevate your event's ambiance by opting to hire human statue artists. These performers, with their meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to their craft, transform themselves into lifelike statues, adding an element of surprise and wonder to any gathering.

When you choose to hire human statue performers from Altus, you're not just getting a stationary display. You're investing in a dynamic form of art that can be tailored to fit the theme and purpose of your event. Whether you're looking to recreate famous statues from history or desire a custom statue that incorporates your brand's logo or products, our human statue artists are up to the task. Their ability to embody various characters, combined with their thematic costumes and intricate face and body paint, ensures that they seamlessly blend into your event's decor, often becoming a focal point of admiration and intrigue.

But the magic of our statued performers doesn't end with their realistic appearances. Many of our human statue performers possess a diverse range of talents, from mime and magic to comedy and acrobatics. This means that while guests might initially be drawn in by the statue's realistic appearance, they'll be further delighted when the statue suddenly comes to life, offering a performance that's both unexpected and captivating.

In essence, when you hire human statue artists from Altus Entertainment, you're not just adding to your event's decor; you're enhancing the overall experience for your guests. Whether it's the sheer surprise of a realistic human statue suddenly moving or the awe of witnessing a statued performer's unexpected talents, the inclusion of human statues promises to make your event truly unforgettable.