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Altus Entertainment brings a magical dimension to events with our exquisite living statues. These talented performers, perfect for any theme, captivate guests with their artistry, interactive humor, and elegant presentations, ensuring a unique and memorable experience at your event.

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A mysterious living statue pedaling a bicycle through the woods. | Altus Entertainment
Mysterious Living Statues
Incredibly realistic living statues that bring a hint of mystery to events ,A wide variety of themed living statues,Ideal for themed events, cocktail receptions, corporate events, private parties and more
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A human statue of a mermaid lounging on a bed at the beach. | Altus Entertainment
Nautical Sea Living Statues
Wide range of sea-themed characters and nautical living statues,Customizable selection of sea characters can be booked as a set or individually,Great for private events, nautical parties, "under the sea" themes and more,Based in Rhode Island and available for bookings worldwide
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A group of people laying on the grass in front of statues | Altus Entertainment
Living Art Enchanted Garden Characters
Vast array of costumes and themes to fit all occasions ,Brings art to life with dynamic performances ,Perfect for corporate functions, product launches, and more
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A woman dressed as a clown is standing on a red carpet at a Holiday Party Entertainment event. | Altus Entertainment
Shape Shifting Living Statue
Exotic stretch-fabric living statue,Perfect for photo opportunities with guests,LED-lit human statues for nighttime wonder,Ideal for both indoor and outdoor events
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A bronze statue of a man with a pen. | Altus Entertainment
Iconic Historical Living Statues
Available to book as living statues or walkabout characters,Wide array of character choices to suit your next event as individuals or a collection,For all your cultural and historical celebrations, education days or to create a unique party,Icons include Mozart, Shakespeare, George Washington, and many more
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A statue of a man and a woman holding hands | Altus Entertainment
Living Statues Ancient World Creations
Statues bring the ancient world to life, Roman Greek, or whatever you can think up.,Available to book separately, or as a package with theme,Great choice for receptions, corporate, and themed events ,Available to serve drinks at wine themed stations ,Based in Rhode Island and available for worldwide bookings
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Two performers dancing in lavish gold costumes on a checkered stage floor at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Glamour Showgirls on Stilts
Glamour Showgirls for an unforgettable entrance,Beautiful stilt greeters adding excitement,Up to 12 feet tall showgirls for wow factor,Interactive photo op for attendees,Addition of sophistication and elegance to any event
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Sculpture of a male performer in white attire holding a cloth - Entertainment Company's Artist Collection | Altus Entertainment
Living Statue Paris
Trained at the renowned École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris under Marcel Marceau,Over two decades of experience captivating audiences with the art of the living statue,Engaging performances that blend motionless art with captivating, subtle movements,Offers a unique and sophisticated form of entertainment suitable for various themes and events,Expertly executed Greek-themed and other walkabout acts for a classic artistic touch
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Two statues of a man and a woman standing next to each other | Altus Entertainment
Living Statues Vegas
Human statue entertainment with Greek-themed characters or Roman Drama ,Standard human statues come with a hand balance act & hand balance duo,Human statues are fantastic for themed events, product launches, drinks receptions, corporate &, and more. ,Living statues are available for events in Vegas and worldwide
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Human Statues for Events and Parties

Transform your event into an enchanting experience with Altus Entertainment's living statues, the epitome of artistic expression and entertainment. When you hire living statues from us, you are not just booking entertainers; you are bringing in artists who will captivate and astonish your guests with their mesmerizing presence and performance.

Our themed living statues are a perfect addition to any event, bringing it to life with their extraordinary period outfits and impressive historical authenticity. Each statue is a masterpiece, showcasing innovative touches such as radiant LEDs and beautiful floral accents, leaving your guests spellbound and immersed in a unique atmosphere.

Beyond their stunning appearance, our human statues for events artfully blend humor, audience interaction, and even acrobatics, creating an all-encompassing and entertaining atmosphere. The versatility of our performances makes them suitable for guests of all ages, ensuring that everyone has an unforgettable experience.

Choosing Altus Entertainment for your upcoming event means opting for an extraordinary level of creativity and elegance. Our vast selection of human living statues and living statue and human statue performers allows you to find the perfect match for your event's theme. Whether you’re seeking a Greek-themed living statue for a classical vibe or a mysterious living statue to add an element of intrigue, we have the best lifelike living statues for hire.

Our living statues are more than just performers; they are an interactive art form that elevates the atmosphere of your event and creates lasting memories. Their presence is an invitation to wonder, engage, and appreciate the melding of art and entertainment in a way that is both profound and delightful.

In summary, Altus Entertainment offers a unique and mesmerizing entertainment option with our living statues. Perfect for any event, our statues promise to elevate the atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Book our living statues today and witness how they transform your event into an unforgettable spectacle.