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Candy Girls and Living Tables

Candy Girls and Living Tables for Hire

Altus Entertainment's candy girls and living tables for hire bring an innovative and interactive element to events, combining service with entertainment. Perfect for various events, our living tables and modern candy girls offer customized serving options that not only cater to guests' needs but also enhance the overall event experience with their unique and visually engaging presence.


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Hire Human Tables for Events and Candy Girls for Parties

Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with Altus Entertainment's candy girls and living tables. When you hire our living tables for your event, you're not just providing food and drinks; you're creating a spectacular visual feast that will leave your guests talking. Our living tables, manned by waiters and waitresses in custom outfits, bring a unique blend of service and entertainment, moving among guests while offering an array of culinary delights.

Imagine the wonder and delight on your guests' faces as they interact with these walking tables. Some of our living tables offer an assortment of appetizing foods, while others carry a variety of refreshing beverages. But what truly sets them apart is the visual spectacle they deliver. Each table is an exquisite piece of moving art, their outfits customized to complement the theme of your event or to promote your brand or organization in a creative and engaging way.

In addition to our living tables, our candy girls for events offer a modern twist on the classic 1940s nightclub vibe. Reminiscent of the cigarette girls from old Hollywood movies, our candy girls roam your event with trays filled with treats and surprises. However, these aren't just sweets they're offering; the trays can be customized to carry anything from promotional items to unconventional gifts like customized socks, hangover kits, or stylish sunglasses.

Booking a living table for parties means adding an element of surprise and elegance to your event. These human tables are not just servers; they are performers who add to the ambiance and enhance the overall experience of your guests. Their presence is an interactive spectacle, combining functionality with high-fashion aesthetics.

When you hire human tables for events, you're choosing an innovative approach to event service. Our living tables and candy girls are perfect for corporate events, product launches, private parties, and more. They are an excellent way to promote new products and brands or to simply offer your guests something unique and memorable.

Altus Entertainment is committed to providing entertainment that goes beyond the ordinary. Our Living Tables and candy girls are a testament to this commitment, offering a blend of practicality and performance art. Their customizable nature means that no two events are the same, and each experience is tailored specifically to your needs and vision.

In conclusion, choose Altus Entertainment's candy girls and living tables for hire to bring a touch of novelty and elegance to your next event. Let us help you create an atmosphere of interactive fun and visual splendor, ensuring your event is as memorable as it is enjoyable. Book now and let us turn your event into an extraordinary experience.