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Living Art Enchanted Garden Characters

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   Vast array of costumes and themes to fit all occasions

   Brings art to life with dynamic performances

   Perfect for corporate functions, product launches, and more

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Step into the magical world of our enchanted garden-themed statues, where each statue is an emotional inspiration. These life-size art pieces are perfect for captivating and delighting guests at your next event! These artists are so immersed in their performance that they become living pieces of art themselves.

The performers take on different roles to create living sculptures through the extensive range and variety, customizing each for maximum effect with matching costumes. If you're looking for a way to make your event stand out, then these exquisite pieces based on historical and mythological references are perfect. Inspiration from ancient art forms combined with modern styles can create just the right combination that will definitely get people talking! We are able to provide you with the most customized options for any event or location. Contact our specialists today to book this act and make your next event spectacular