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Living Statues Ancient World Creations

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   Statues bring the ancient world to life, Roman Greek, or whatever you can think up.

   Available to book separately, or as a package with theme

   Great choice for receptions, corporate, and themed events

   Available to serve drinks at wine themed stations

   Based in Rhode Island and available for worldwide bookings

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Imagine the divine beings of ancient times brought to life before your eyes. Our realistic living statues will add an engaging point of visual interest to any event! You can create your very own world made up of these gods, emperors, and queens that have been immortalized in white marble. We also offer additional living statues in patina or gold to match your theme. They have the perfect characters to spice up your next event. Whether you want Greek God or Goddesses, Roman living statues, and icons from another civilization entirely. This act can create any type of character that will be sure not only entertain but also remind everyone in attendance just what they are celebrating! Imagine a world where your guests are always smiling, laughing, and having fun. Our living statues will delight them as they pose at strategic points around the venue to make for perfect photo opportunities!

You can hire our living statues for your next event. They are available individually or in packages that include different themes, so you'll have something to fit any occasion! They can also serve drinks at themed wine stations for weddings corporate events and more. Contact our specialists today to learn more and book for your next event.