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Greek-Themed Entertainment for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers a captivating selection of Greek-themed entertainment, perfect for any cultural greek themed party or event. From walkabout mythological characters to traditional Greek bands, our performers bring an authentic touch of Greece's rich culture and festive spirit, ensuring a memorable and enchanting experience for all guests.

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We provide traditional Greek dance troupes, Bouzouki musicians, Zorba performances, and more.

We work closely with you to understand your event's specific requirements and preferences to deliver a customized and memorable performance.

Our entertainers showcase traditional dance, music, and customs that encapsulate the essence of Greek culture.

Acts List

A statue of a man and a woman holding hands | Altus Entertainment
Living Statues Ancient World Creations
Statues bring the ancient world to life, Roman Greek, or whatever you can think up.,Available to book separately, or as a package with theme,Great choice for receptions, corporate, and themed events ,Available to serve drinks at wine themed stations ,Based in Rhode Island and available for worldwide bookings
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Sculpture of a male performer in white attire holding a cloth - Entertainment Company's Artist Collection | Altus Entertainment
Living Statue Paris
Trained at the renowned École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris under Marcel Marceau,Over two decades of experience captivating audiences with the art of the living statue,Engaging performances that blend motionless art with captivating, subtle movements,Offers a unique and sophisticated form of entertainment suitable for various themes and events,Expertly executed Greek-themed and other walkabout acts for a classic artistic touch
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Two statues of a man and a woman standing next to each other | Altus Entertainment
Living Statues Vegas
Human statue entertainment with Greek-themed characters or Roman Drama ,Standard human statues come with a hand balance act & hand balance duo,Human statues are fantastic for themed events, product launches, drinks receptions, corporate &, and more. ,Living statues are available for events in Vegas and worldwide
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Ancient Greek-Themed Party

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and captivating world of Greek-themed entertainment with Altus Entertainment, your gateway to the best of Greece's cultural offerings. Whether you are planning a cultural Greek themed party, a corporate event, or a private gathering, our array of Greek festival performers is sure to transport you and your guests to the sun-kissed shores of Greece.

Step into a mythical realm with our walkabout characters and living statues, showcasing the grandeur of ancient Greek deities like Zeus and Hera. These majestic figures are not just performers; they are a bridge to the past, bringing Greek mythology to life with stunning visual aesthetics and a grand sense of wonder. Ideal for a Greek cultural event or a summer garden party, they add an element of enchantment and grandeur, making your event a memorable one.

The heart of Greek culture is its music, and our traditional Greek bands are the epitome of this vibrant tradition. Performing a mix of historic regional folksongs, Byzantine music, and modern popular hits, our musicians create an atmosphere that is both authentic and electrifying. The rhythms and melodies invite guests to dance and celebrate in true Greek fashion, making every moment of your event feel like a festive Greek celebration.

Altus Entertainment's Greek-themed entertainment is perfect for a wide range of events, from Greek festivals and hotel resorts to private parties and themed events. Our offerings are carefully curated to infuse your celebration with excitement, authenticity, and the rich traditions of Greek culture. With our expertly crafted performances, your guests will not just attend an event; they will experience the enchanting world of Greece.

Choose Altus Entertainment for your next event and let us create a magical and memorable experience with our unique blend of ancient Greek entertainment and traditional Greek music. Embrace the charm of Greece and make your celebration a standout affair with our Greek-themed entertainment services.