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Transform your event with Altus Entertainment's LED poi performers. Experience a captivating blend of traditional Maori art and modern light technology, creating a unique visual spectacle. Our artists use LED lights and lasers, synchronized with music, to deliver an unforgettable sensory experience. Perfect for any event, our performers can customize their acts to include your branding, making it not just entertainment but a memorable branding opportunity.

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A stunning LED performer dazzles while holding a frisbee. | Altus Entertainment
Stunning LED Act
Excitement from traditional hoops combined with jaw-dropping light,Will light up any dark room or night time event with vibrant and eye-catching colors.,Amazing hula hoop artist is perfect for festivals, corporate events and more,Mesmerizing act available to glow at bookings worldwide , LED hula hoops, poi, levitation wand, and fans
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Circus Maestro | Altus Entertainment
Circus Maestro
Multi-talented circus artist, musician, and character performer, offering a diverse range of skills,Includes live music, breathtaking acrobatics, object balancing, comedy, hula-hoops, juggling, and more,Incorporates safe audience participation, creating an interactive atmosphere,Can adapt performances to suit your event
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Four female performers posing in white cowboy hats for a photoshoot in entertainment industry | Altus Entertainment
Cowgirl Greeters
Stunning women dressed as cowgirls,Willing to pose for pictures and mingle with guests,Can hire one or up to 10 greeters,Suitable for both big and small events,Authentic western charm tailored to your event's theme
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LED Ball Walker | Altus Entertainment
LED Ball Walker
This juggler can adapt the colors and images of his hologram poi to suit your event theme with his versatile act,The LED ball walker allows companies to advertise their brand and event while entertaining guests. ,LED ball walker is based in Las Vegas and available to perform at events worldwide
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Performing dance group on a stage featuring a vivid fire backdrop during an entertainment show | Altus Entertainment
Glow and Fire Dancers
Stunning and professional performances,Captivating blend of fire dancing and LED shows,Versatile for any event size,Experienced team of diverse dancers and acrobats
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A group of fire dancers incorporating hula hoops in their Cabaret and Stage Show. | Altus Entertainment
Fire Performers Toronto
Mesmerizing choreographed fire acts,Diverse circus skills from acrobatics to poi,High-energy performances for all ages,Expert performers with years of experience,Unique pyro techniques for a visual feast
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A woman in white dress gripping a Coca-Cola balloon at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
LED Poi Corporate Branding
Advanced-level poi spinners proficient in various styles,Tailored choreography, costumes, and music for your event,Choose between fire poi or visually captivating glow poi,Unique performance combining Maori, Hawaiian, and Tahitian dances,Engaging, interactive performances for memorable events
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Two comedy magicians performing with hula hoops on a dark stage. | Altus Entertainment
Customized Poi Spinning Artists
Adaptable for indoor/outdoor performances,Custom routines with logos and branding,Glowing entertainment, fire-free heat,LED acts that ensure a one-of-a-kind experience,Cutting-edge poi technology and artistry
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A man performing a sword act in front of a google logo. | Altus Entertainment
Image Poi Spinner California
Fusion of world-class juggling talent and advanced L.E.D. technology,Unique and brand customizable image poi performances,Stunning 20-minute L.E.D. light shows,Engaging 5 and 10-minute L.E.D. performances,Personalized strolling L.E.D. entertainment experiences
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Book Glow Poi Artists for Events and Parties

Elevate your event into a mesmerizing spectacle with an LED poi performer for hire from Altus Entertainment. Poi Illumination, rooted in the traditional Maori art of swinging tethered weights, is transformed into a stunning visual experience with the addition of LED lights and lasers. Our artists blend this ancient practice with modern technology, creating a total sensory experience that captivates audiences of all ages.

Our LED poi performers are not just entertainers; they are visual artists who use light as their canvas and the night as their backdrop. With every swing and movement, they paint the air with vibrant colors and patterns, synchronized perfectly with music to deliver a performance that is both rhythmic and enchanting.

Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a non-profit gala, or a private party, our poi illumination artists can adapt to any setting. They can take center stage for a grand display or be scattered around your event in designated performance areas for a more intimate and interactive experience.

Our performers are versatile, working with a variety of props including flags, balls, pods, and even your products. Imagine your organization's logo swirling in light, captivating your guests and leaving a lasting impression. This customization makes our LED poi performances not just entertainment, but a unique branding opportunity.

Booking a bespoke pixel poi act or a light juggler from Altus Entertainment means ensuring your event is not just seen, but remembered. It's an experience that goes beyond entertainment, leaving your guests with a sense of wonder and a memory they will cherish.