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Altus Entertainment's Laser Performers and LED Poi Acts offer a mesmerizing fusion of dance, gymnastics, and high-tech lasers, creating custom, visually stunning shows perfect for product launches, galas, and events, ensuring a memorable and impactful brand presentation.

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Women wearing illuminated outfits in a group | Altus Entertainment
New York LED Dress Dancers
Award-winning performance recognized for innovation and impact,Captivating LED dress designs that bring a new dimension to dance,A versatile act perfect for high-end nightlife events and private functions,A troupe with a track record of excellence and creativity in the dance industry,One-of-a-kind LED Dance Performance that merges cabaret glamour with modern LED technology
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A stunning LED performer dazzles while holding a frisbee. | Altus Entertainment
Stunning LED Act
Excitement from traditional hoops combined with jaw-dropping light,Will light up any dark room or night time event with vibrant and eye-catching colors.,Amazing hula hoop artist is perfect for festivals, corporate events and more,Mesmerizing act available to glow at bookings worldwide , LED hula hoops, poi, levitation wand, and fans
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Latest Technology Acts featuring Laser Show Performers showcasing mesmerizing green and blue lights in a dark room. | Altus Entertainment
Laser Show Performers
Dynamic laser combat performances,Artistry in 360-degree laser illusions,Innovators in laser show entertainment,Customizable finales with logo displays,Pioneers of futuristic performance art
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Entertainer performing thrilling hula hoop routine in live show | Altus Entertainment
Logo LED Cyr Wheel
Mesmerizing LED Cyr Wheel performance,Customizable with Logo Cyr wheel,Brilliant blend of athleticism and technology,Multiple atmospheric acts available,Unique branded entertainment option
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A person in a green costume is performing an LED Cyr Wheel Act. | Altus Entertainment
LED Cyr Wheel Act
A LED Cyr wheel can be used to create a stunning, unforgettable experience for your audience that will have them saying "WOW!",They're perfect for corporate events, product launches and ceremonies. ,The Cyr wheel is a clever and easy way to personalize your logo or any other branded image.
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Circus Maestro | Altus Entertainment
Circus Maestro
Multi-talented circus artist, musician, and character performer, offering a diverse range of skills,Includes live music, breathtaking acrobatics, object balancing, comedy, hula-hoops, juggling, and more,Incorporates safe audience participation, creating an interactive atmosphere,Can adapt performances to suit your event
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Group of performers with illuminated umbrellas on a city street | Altus Entertainment
LED Peacock Greeters
Interactive 12-foot LED plumage,Customizable colors and text for themed events,Greeters that dance with technology
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Male performer in glimmering jacket illuminated by neon lights in dynamic party ambiance | Altus Entertainment
Laser Man Show
High-tech laser spectacle for events,Customizable, immersive visual experience,State-of-the-art, safe laser equipment,Interactive on-stage guest participation,Cutting-edge entertainment choice
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Performer mesmerizing audience with graceful hoop dance under dynamic stage lighting | Altus Entertainment
Various Hula Hoop Artists
Mesmerizing hula hoop artistry,LED shows light up the night,Interactive workshops for guests,Customizable acts for any event,Electrifying dance and hoop performances
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Laser Shows and Poi Acts for Events and Parties

In the world of event entertainment, the quest for something truly spectacular leads to Altus Entertainment's Laser Performers and LED Poi Acts. These performances are not just acts; they are a fusion of art, technology, and innovation, designed to leave your audience spellbound.

Imagine the scene at your next event: the lights dim, and the stage comes alive with the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of LED poi, all synchronized to a captivating musical score. Our LEDpoi dancers and artists are masters of their craft, blending dance and gymnastics with state-of-the-art lasers and LED wands to create a performance that is nothing short of breathtaking.

But it's not just about the visual spectacle. Our laser performance is an impactful way to reveal your new branded product or service. We understand the importance of a product launch, and our performers are skilled at incorporating your company logo and branding into their routines, ensuring that your message is conveyed in a memorable and visually stunning manner.

Hire Laser Performance from Altus Entertainment, and you're not just booking an act; you're creating an experience. Our laser show is tailored to suit the theme and tone of your event, whether it's a gala, company event, private party, or any other type of gathering. The combination of lasers, LED wands, colorful costumes, and dynamic choreography provides that amazing "WOW" factor, ensuring your event stands out.

Moreover, our LEDpoi acts are customizable. Whether you're looking to highlight specific aspects of your brand or create a unique narrative for your event, our performers work with you to create a show that is uniquely yours. This level of customization is what sets our laser performance apart and makes it an ideal choice for those seeking to make a lasting impression.

In a world where audiences crave innovation and spectacle, our Laser Performers and LED Poi Acts offer the perfect solution. Contact us today to book the best Poi LED acts for your event or custom product launch, and watch as we transform your vision into a dazzling reality.