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Altus Entertainment's aerial acrobats offer breathtaking circus performances, combining traditional and innovative acts. Perfect for any event, our acrobats and aerialists provide a memorable spectacle of agility and artistry.

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Businessman in formal suit and woman elegantly holding a luxury bottle of champagne | Altus Entertainment
Crystal Champagne Aerial Act
Crystal Champagne Aerial Act for unforgettable events,Combines aerial artistry with elegant bartending,Experienced performers for high-profile events,Customizable costumes to fit event themes,Full public liability insurance,Unique entertainment with a glamorous twist
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Aerial performer in white costume pouring champagne upside down, adding elegance and excitement to the event | Altus Entertainment
Champagne Aerialist with Chandelier
Aerial champagne service with a twist,Suspended elegance in a grand chandelier,Luxurious addition to special events,Memorable acrobatic champagne displays,Creates an enchanting, magical atmosphere
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Corporate Event Entertainment | Altus Entertainment
Aerial Lollipop Lyra Performance
Provides entertainment whether you need a bite-size performance or one that packs a powerful punch ,Experienced in delivering exceptional and awe-inspiring performances, ensuring top-notch entertainment,Performs as a captivating stage show, an elegant aerial champagne service, or a mesmerizing ambiance act,Can adapt to fit in any tight area where larger aerial rigging won't fit
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An aerialist dangles from a Champagne aerial rig while captivating a crowd. | Altus Entertainment
Bartending Aerialists
Elevated drink service with aerial elegance,Acrobatic bartending for a captivating experience,Perfect enhancement for upscale affairs,Thematically versatile for any event,Interactive performance meets exquisite service
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A woman in a black and red outfit is performing aerial acrobatics for a Circus Entertainment show. | Altus Entertainment
DJ AND Aerial Duo
Award winning aerialist with DJ ,Performs internationally for audiences exceeding 1,000,000 people, including A-list celebrities and royalty,Specialises in Aerial Hoop, Silks, Trapeze and Stilt Walking,Performed with Cirque Du Soleil and The Brit Awards with Hugh Jackman
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A woman is performing aerial acrobatics on a heart shaped sculpture in the desert. | Altus Entertainment
The Aerial Heart Act
The aerialist will captivate the audience with their breathtaking spinning and hanging heart act.,This Aerial Act is available for event booking worldwide,This aerialist act is ideal for black-tie occasions, themed events, weddings or galas dinners, corporate gatherings, and more ,Our aerialist will deliver an amazing performance that is available in a variety of options, including standard routines or fun drink serving!
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Multi-Talented Female Circus Performer | Altus Entertainment
Multi-Talented Female Circus Performer
Versatile circus performances for any event,Elegant stilt walking with theatrical flair,Masterful juggling displays,Whimsical clown acts for all ages,Over a decade of world-class entertainment
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Aerial Fire Act performer entertains the audience by flying through the air with flames. | Altus Entertainment
Aerial Fire Act
Choice of "straps" or "fire star" fire act,Artist was featured on AGT,Unique and ethereal act
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A white cloth hanging from a pole | Altus Entertainment
Silk Fabric Aerial Act
A jaw-dropping aerialist act that stuns guests with their ability to ascend from silk fabrics without the use of safety lines ,This aerialist routine provides top-tier entertainment, combining stunning routines and decorative outfits to provide high-end entertainment on any occasion,Perfect for cocktail hours, James Bond or Great Gatsby-style events, corporate functions, private parties, gala dinners, and more ,Available to book worldwide, based in Los Angeles
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Aerialists For Hire for Events and Parties

Elevate your event to new heights with Altus Entertainment's aerial acrobats, a spectacle of grace, agility, and thrilling performances. Our aerialists, the epitome of acrobat circus performers, bring a blend of traditional and innovative acts that will leave your guests in awe.

Imagine the gasps and applause as our aerialists soar above your event, performing breathtaking routines on the trapeze and other aerial apparatuses. Each performance is a masterful display of strength, flexibility, and artistry, perfectly choreographed to music that enhances the visual spectacle.

But our offerings don't stop at traditional aerial acts. For venues where hanging points are limited, our creative team excels in delivering ground-based shows that are just as mesmerizing. Our floor-mounted devices allow our aerialists to bring the same level of excitement and awe to any space, ensuring that your event's entertainment is not constrained by the venue.

Our circus acts and acrobats for hire are not just performers; they are artists who create a narrative with their bodies, telling stories that captivate and transport audiences to a world of wonder. From solo acts that showcase individual talent to group routines that demonstrate impeccable timing and coordination, our performers are sure to be the highlight of your event.

Altus Entertainment is dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a private party, or any gathering that seeks to impress, our aerial acrobats are the perfect choice. Their performances are more than just entertainment; they are memories that will linger long after the event concludes.

Contact us today to hire aerial acrobats near me and ensure your event is remembered for its extraordinary entertainment. With Altus, you're not just booking performers; you're securing an experience that will elevate your event beyond the ordinary.