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Aerial Bartending Act

booking highlights

   Immerse your guests in a sophisticated ambiance that is both exciting and engaging.

   The gorgeous Aerial Bartender can serve wine, champagne, and cocktails whilst suspended upside down in the air.

   The aerialist can provide an unforgettable experience and wonderful photo opportunity.

   Available to perform at events worldwide and based in Las Vegas

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Aerial Bartending Act PHOTOS

Suspended from a custom-made aerial carousel, the audience is taken on an exciting journey as they watch these breathtaking performers perform tricks right before your eyes. Our beautiful Aerial Bartenders can serve wine or cocktails whilst upside down in midair! The aerialists will transform your event into something unforgettable! These professionals can work at any kind of special occasion, from galas and award shows all the way down to parties or weddings. You'll be able to provide guests with an amazing photo opportunity that they won't forget soon after seeing it. Aerial Bartenders are perfect for corporate companies looking not just to impress their clients but also to create lasting memories through entertainment. Contact us today, and one of our specialists will gladly help bring your event to the next level!