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LED Aerial Hoop Act

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   Ideal choice for your next corporate event, private party or custom show.

   Infuses classic moves with fresh new twists to create a performance tailored for any occasion

   LED lights can change colors according to what mood you want them in

   Colorful outfit and the way she moves through it creates a breathtaking show.

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The aerial dancer is an artist on the hoops, whose skills and tricks will leave your guests in awe. You won't find anyone else like her. She is a one-of-a-kind performer who always strives for more than just entertainment value; you want their performance tailored specifically towards what's best suitable at each event or occasion so it becomes an integral part of the experience everyone has while attending this celebration Our phenomenal LED aerial act keeps audiences captivated through jaw-dropping performances which include complicated acrobatic moves executed flawlessly. We have an aerial dancer that will keep your guests talking. The modern touch of this LED hoop artist infuses traditional dramatic and visually appealing tricks with fresh new moves to create a special performance specially designed for any occasion! Our talented performer can fit within the guidelines you're thinking about for your next big party or business event, no matter how unique it is going to be. Our aerialist will ascend down, performing with two hoops suspended from the darkness. The colorful draping of her outfit and skillful movement through it creates a breathtaking show that is sure to captivate any audience member's attention! Her LED lights can change colors according to what mood you want them in or how she feels on particular days, there isn't anything this performer cannot do with her fresh ideas for entertainment that will leave your guests completely baffled. Contact our Altus Entertainment Specialists today and we will help make your event one to remember for years to come.