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Stunning Aerialist Performers

booking highlights

   An enchanting experience that charms guests with their elegant aerial routines

   Offers a wide range of performances for every occasion, from aerial silks and hammocks in the sky

   Fully customizable performances that can complement your color scheme and theme based on client's request

   Available to book worldwide, based in California

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Lose yourself in the sky with our luxurious aerial performers as they dance and fly high. We offer a wide range of performances for every occasion, from aerial silks and hammocks in the sky or on land. Watch as these west coast silk aerialists effortlessly perform beautiful and captivating performances that will delight your guests. If you are looking for a way to make your day truly unforgettable, look no further than our silk aerialist. With customizable performances and costumes that can be tailored exactly the way you want them to fit in with any color scheme or theme of yours going on at this special occasion- we're convinced there isn't anything else out there quite like these performers!

With their portable rigging structure and skilled team members’ expertise in event management, you can rest easy knowing everything will go off without a hitch! An unforgettable performance that is unlike anything you have ever seen before, these aerialists work with each client to create a unique experience for them. Our aerialists are a one-of-a-kind performance that will leave your heart racing and breath taken away. Expect nothing but excellence from our aerial performers. They're the best of their kind and will keep you on your feet all night long! To book, contact your entertainment specialist today.