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Aerial artists performing acrobatic poses on a hoop decorated with lights, demonstrating their agility and artistry against a dark background. | Altus Entertainment

Aerial Dreamcatcher Duo

booking highlights

   Illuminated aerial dreamcatcher spectacle

   Graceful acrobatics meet stunning visuals

   Perfect for high-end corporate galas

   Memory-making performance art

   Elevating events with professional elegance

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Whisk your guests away on a visual journey like no other when you opt for the Aerial Dreamcatcher Duo, the aerial acrobatics duo for hire that intertwines artistry with the extraordinary. This captivating act brings the realm of dreams into reality, with two ethereal performers gracefully weaving through the air against the backdrop of a glowing dreamcatcher, creating an awe-inspiring tableau that will enchant all who witness it.

Ideally suited for events where elegance and spectacle must go hand in hand, our top-rated aerial acrobatics act is a testament to the beauty of choreographed strength and aerial ballet. The duo's precise and fluid movements, suspended in mid-air, are a ballet of beauty and power that command the room's attention.

Whether it's a corporate gala demanding the height of professionalism or an intimate soiree seeking a touch of the divine, our professional aerial dancers effortlessly elevate the atmosphere. Their breathtaking stunts are not just performances but visual poetry that speaks directly to the soul, leaving a lasting impact on your guests.

This is where event entertainment transcends expectations; our aerial dancers for your event create performances and conjure memories. Invite our Aerial Dreamcatcher Duo to your celebration. Let the blend of grace, light, and agility illuminate the night, turning your gathering into an otherworldly experience.

Let go of the conventional and reach for the skies. Submit your booking to secure the Aerial Dreamcatcher Duo and ensure that your event stands out as an elegant, mesmerizing affair that will be the talk of the town.

  • Their combined credits list is impressive, including Cirque Du Soleil, The Brit Awards, Cannon, Festive_L, The Submachine, Ministry of Sound, BBC, ITV, Mercedes Benz, Paralympic Torch Relay, Rugby League World Cup Opening Ceremony, Centro American Games Opening Ceremony, FIFA, Moët & Chandon, Ministry of Sound, Theatre Op de Markt (BE), Villa Thalia Dinnershow (NL), The Natural Theatre Company, Festivals including Shambala, Glastonbury, Henley and many more…

We have constantly been blown away by the professionalism, enthusiasm, and pure talent that this duo possesses. We can’t wait for the next time we get to be blown away and would highly recommend them as both fantastic performers with innovative ideas to suit any event.

Adam Hine-Haycock, Origami Events