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Altus Entertainment's champagne aerialists add a touch of luxury and excitement to your event. Performing breathtaking aerial stunts while pouring champagne, our aerialists offer more than just catering; they provide a spectacle that captivates all senses. Tailored to your event's theme and style, and prioritizing safety, our fully insured professionals ensure a flawless performance. Contact Altus Entertainment to book an aerial champagne act for your next event and enjoy an unforgettable, luxurious experience.


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Aerial Champagne Pourers for Hire

Elevate your event with the unforgettable spectacle of Altus Entertainment's champagne aerialists. When a classic champagne service is not enough, our aerial champagne pourers take luxury to new heights, turning it into an awe-inspiring, show-stopping experience.

Our champagne aerialists embody elegance and athleticism, pouring glasses from above whilst performing breathtaking aerial stunts. They offer more than just catering; they provide live entertainment that captivates all senses. Imagine the thrill of your guests as they witness the mesmerizing fusion of acrobatics and the delicate art of champagne pouring. This experience will surely be widely shared and remembered long after the final toast.

Altus Entertainment's champagne aerialists are perfect for any event, from gala dinners to corporate functions, exclusive private parties, and high-profile club nights. Each performance is tailored to match your event's theme and style, ensuring a bespoke and unforgettable experience.

Safety is our top priority. Our fully insured and rigorously trained professionals execute their roles with the utmost precision and care. State-of-the-art rigging systems, combined with our artists' expertise, ensure a flawless and safe performance every time.

When you hire champagne aerialists with Altus Entertainment, you treat your guests to more than just a glass of bubbly; you indulge them in a luxurious experience complete with visual delight and the unrivaled taste of premium champagne.

Contact us today to book an aerial champagne act that can add that extra sparkle and create an atmosphere of sophistication and wonder at your next event. With Altus Entertainment's exquisite aerial champagne service, let's raise the bar and the glass together.