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Aerialist Champagne Duo

booking highlights

   Unique and attractive entertainment from an aerial chandelier performer who can also offer bubbly drinks to guests upside down

   Displays their magnificent attire by wearing glittery costumes that keep your guests mesmerized

   Perfect for Gatsby 1920, Casino Night, Cirque, Black tie, Red Carpet, and many more

   Offers a portable rigging system if the venue doesn't provide the right tools

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles

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This one-of-a-kind Duo Aerialist team was custom built for elegant events. If you're looking for a unique and stylish accent for your next event, this duet is just what you need. Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor event, we can customize their act to suit your needs. The chandelier serves as the perfect hanging spot for your guests to enjoy their bubbles with ease. It's an elegant touch that will make any event memorable!

Not only will these performers elegantly suspend themselves in midair, but they can also offer up bubbly drinks upside down in their glittery crystal-themed attire. These talented and elegant aerialists will make your event stand out from the rest and be perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a casino night, cirque, black tire, gala, or simply dinner, they'll bring the excitement you crave! Not to mention this is perfect for themed events like a Gatbsy 1920s event and more. Don't stress over having the right equipment. We offer a portable rigging system that can be set up inside or outside the venue. To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.