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A woman is aerially performing with a bottle of champagne for corporate event entertainment. | Altus Entertainment

Champagne Aerialist

booking highlights

   Mesmerizing mid-air maneuvers and pouring

   Great for social media content - gets guests taking pictures

   Customizable costumes for any event theme

   Premier aerial bartending performance

   Experienced with elite and high-profile audiences

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Hire champagne aerialist for party luxury that transcends the norm with the UK’s prime aerial bartending performance. When you hire a champagne aerialist for party celebrations, you’re not just adding a performer but inviting a spectacle that elevates your event into the realm of the extraordinary. These aerial virtuosos don’t merely serve drinks; they deliver a performance woven with airborne grace and sophistication.

Each aerial bartending performance is an exhibition of elegance as our Champagne Aerialist deftly navigates the space above your guests, pouring champagne with the poise of an artist. It’s a performance that has enchanted an international audience, leaving the likes of celebrities and royalty spellbound by its originality and finesse.

To hire champagne aerialist for party events is to guarantee that every aspect of your celebration is touched by luxury and flair. Our Champagne Aerialist adds a dimension of wonder and spectacle, ideal for diverse gatherings, be it a high-profile corporate event, an intimate private party, a romantic wedding, or a lively festival.

Their extensive array of costumes and the possibility of tailor-made attire ensure that when you hire a champagne aerialist for party occasions, they integrate seamlessly into the theme and style of your event, contributing to an immersive and cohesive atmosphere.

  • Moët & Chandon
  • The Royal Champagne Hotel
  • Mercedes Benz
  • The Jermain Defoe Foundation

She provided Alastair Currie Events with an incredible aerial rig performance during a very special wedding reception on a crisp September afternoon. She poured champagne for guests throughout the duration of the afternoon from their aerial rig hoop and guests were notably delighted with such a novel performance piece. We were so pleased that we could have them as part of this special event, they really brought an additional dimension to the reception and the rig looked brilliant within the beautiful garden.

Alice Peacock - AC Event Solutions

You definitely added the WOW factor!


We just wanted to send an email to say a HUGE THANK YOU. Both acts were absolutely beautiful and they worked so well with our theme and to the music. We have had nothing but great feedback. Champagne Aerialist was very successful and went down a treat. Look forward to working with you in the near future.

Colette Bloom -