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A woman is performing live on a rope in the dark for a holiday party. | Altus Entertainment

Aerial Fabric Acrobat Act

booking highlights

   Performs breathtaking acrobatics with the use of both speed and fluidity

   Creates original and custom productions that can incorporate company brands

   Perfect addition to a diverse range of events

    Available to perform at events worldwide based in Las Vegas

Services Offered

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Daring and creative, our aerial fabric acrobat will amaze you with her dynamic performance. She is able to mix dizzying speeds in addition to graceful movements high up in the air! Performing unique solo acts as well as duos or groups depending on your event's needs; they can even create large production numbers that match any song choice, company theme, or brand. The Aerial Fabric Acrobat can perform at any event, whether it is an opening or closing ceremony, or for your company's launch party. We offer customized productions designed to entertain all of the guests and make their experience with you unforgettable! Our talented performers have performed across the land and sea in circus shows and the world's largest nightclubs, so they know how best to create shows that will stay in people’s minds long after each performance ends. Contact us and we'll help add this graceful acrobat to your next event!