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Aerialist Performer

booking highlights

   Performances can be ground-based or aerial rigging

   Available as a solo, duo, or trio act

   Many costume choices to compliment your event theme

   Versatile shows for diverse audiences

   A creative blend of tradition and innovation

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Elevate your event's entertainment to stunning new heights with our female aerial performer for hire. Witness the grace and strength of an artist who transforms the aerial space into her stage, capturing the audience's imagination from the moment she takes flight. Her performance is more than an act; it's a breathtaking spectacle that marries the traditional art of circus with a modern twist.

Discover a world where hula hoops spin in mesmerizing patterns and aerial feats defy gravity, each movement executed with precision and artistry. Our performer's focus on evolving the circus arts allows her to connect with a wide audience, delivering online content that enchants and live shows that leave onlookers in awe.

As a dedicated artist in the fire, circus, and performance arts industry, her drive to innovate is unwavering. Through her astonishing aerial performances, she not only entertains but inspires, pushing the envelope with each performance and inviting others to explore the beauty of her work.

With roots in New Jersey and now sharing her talent across Las Vegas and Nashville, she carries with her a diverse array of influences, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic presence that resonates with every crowd. Whether she's performing in the air or charming audiences on the ground, her versatility promises a show that's both incredible and unmatched.

For an act that seamlessly blends the wonder of aerial artistry with unparalleled showmanship, look no further than our incredible aerial artist for events. Her performances are a testament to the limitless possibilities of circus arts, and a guaranteed way to leave your guests spellbound.