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Showcase diversity at your event with our BIPOC Artists and Shows! Our performers bring unique cultural experiences, making any gathering engaging and memorable. Perfect for events seeking to provide an inclusive experience.

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Latin Comedy Magician and Mentalist | Altus Entertainment
Latin Comedy Magician and Mentalist
Captivating blend of magic and Latin humor,Interactive experiences for every audience,Charismatic performances with global acclaim,Diverse show tailored for corporate to casual events,Master of illusions and mental feats
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A collection of black and gold calligraphy cards perfect for Convention and Conference Entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Calligraphy and Product Customization
Over a decade of industry experience,Versatile in event calligraphy and engraving,Personalized artistry for memorable gifts,Customizable to promote your brand,Combining traditional art with modern elegance
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Passionate female musician engrossed in a piano performance with an expressive look of joy | Altus Entertainment
Soulful Solo Artist
Worked alongside musical legends,Elegant fusion of piano and soulful vocals,Diverse musical repertoire for all events,Captivating presence from an accomplished artist
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A group of African performers executing a vertical dance stack in traditional attire | Altus Entertainment
African Acrobat Performers
A perfect act for bringing the essence of Africa to your event,Unique rope skipping routines showcasing incredible coordination,Thrilling limbo dance and fire eating displays,Cultural immersion with traditional African dance and drumming,Dynamic African acrobatic performances featuring human pyramids and tumblings
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A retro female vocalist in a gold dress delivering holiday-focused entertainment on stage. | Altus Entertainment
Retro Female Vocalist
Soulful 'throw-back' performances,Unforgettable stage presence that creates a magical atmosphere,Performs with a live band or solo,Versatile repertoire for any event
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A DJ performing onstage with vibrant neon signage in the background | Altus Entertainment
Music Curator and DJ
Dynamic female Music Curator and DJ,Among the top-rated Chicago DJs,Custom-tailored music sets for each event,Expert in creating captivating atmospheres,Profound passion for music and performance
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Ensemble of musicians performing live on stage at a concert event | Altus Entertainment
Bob Marley Tribute
Authentic reggae vibes from Marley's classics,Decades of touring with Bob Marley hits,Perfect band for an irie event atmosphere,Transform events into reggae celebrations
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A man in a tuxedo performing magic tricks on Juneteenth National Independence Day in an empty auditorium. | Altus Entertainment
Mentalist, Illusionist, Magician
IMS Merlin Award as “The Best Magician of the Year 2011”,Performed in America’s Got Talent,Hypnotizer of thousands of people from 52 countries, via a live Radio show,1st Mind illusionist to perform in a TEDx Conference,Performed on TV shows such as the Nadia Khan Show (Dubai), Azfar & Mani show, Dawn News TV, Satrangi, Morning Show on Express TV, Salaam Zindagi Morning show on ARY, Morning Delight on Metro TV & many more
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African dance troupe performing a traditional routine on stage | Altus Entertainment
African Cirque Style Spectacle
A talented traditional African circus ensemble that displays a talented pool of 120 loyal performers,Unique fusion of circus arts and African traditions,A pool of talent that includes acts such as limbo dancers, pole acts, comedians and more,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas
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What better way to make your event stand out in today's diverse world than to Hire BIPOC Artists?

Our roster of BIPOC performers is not just a list; it's a celebration of culture, talent, and the rich tapestry that makes up our global community.

Whether you're planning a corporate event, a community gathering, or a private celebration, our BIPOC artists bring a unique blend of cultural richness and artistic excellence. From soulful singers and dynamic speakers to spoken word artists and energetic dance troupes, we offer an extensive selection of talent that reflects the diversity of our society.

But it's not just about diversity but quality and authenticity. Our BIPOC artists are vetted for their skill, creativity, and ability to engage audiences. They bring more than just a performance; they bring a cultural experience that can transform any event into a memorable gathering.

Imagine the impact of an African Cirque-style spectacle at your next corporate retreat or the soul-stirring melodies of a retro female vocalist at your charity gala. These are not just acts but experiences that resonate deeper, creating a lasting impression on your guests.

So, if you want to add a touch of diversity and inclusivity to your next event, look no further. Hire BIPOC Artists from Altus Entertainment and take your event from ordinary to extraordinary!