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Bring the thrill of daredevil stunts to your event with our Stunt Shows! From high-flying motorcycle freestylers to incredible marksmen, our performers execute thrilling stunts that will captivate your guests. Perfect for any event that calls for a spectacle. Create a memorable event with our Stunt Shows. Hire a Stunt Show today.


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Book The Best Stunt Shows

Get extraordinary entertainment injected into your event with Altus Entertainment's Stunt Shows for an unforgettable experience. Our performances are a choreographed symphony of danger and skill, where every leap, fall, and daredevil act leaves your audience on the edge of their seats.

With a diverse roster of stunt-performing talent, we create custom stunt shows that suit the theme and scale of your event. From high-flying aerialists to precision drivers and martial arts experts, our famous stunt performers come from many backgrounds, each bringing their unique brand of thrills to the stage—or sky. Safety is our paramount concern, and our performers are wildly talented but also rigorously trained to ensure every stunt is flawless.

Our stunt shows are the perfect highlight for grand openings, product launches, or any event where making a big and bold statement is the goal. We collaborate with you to script the impossible, bringing together explosive pyrotechnics, breathtaking acrobatics, and heart-stopping stunts in a seamless narrative that resonates with your brand or message.

The reputation of our famous stunt performers precedes them, having captivated audiences with their death-defying acts and impeccable precision. With Altus Entertainment, you will experience moments crafted by the best in the industry. Our performers have been in blockbuster movies, renowned live shows, and high-profile commercials, ensuring that the level of performance at your event is nothing short of world-class.

Our stunt-performing acts are scalable to fit intimate affairs and grand spectacles. Regardless of the size, our commitment to delivering exhilarating, safe, and well-orchestrated stunt shows remains uncompromised. Each performance is carefully planned, rehearsed, and precise for maximum impact.

Elevate your event with Altus Entertainment’s Stunt Shows and witness the excitement as our professional performers turn your event space into an arena of awe-inspiring action to remember for years.