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A Crossbow Stunt Duo performs a thrilling Stunt Act on stage. | Altus Entertainment
Crossbow Stunt Duo
Unique dance, whip, and crossbow stunt show,Shows for all tastes; family-friendly to sexy cabaret ,Versatile performers, adaptable to any size act,Las Vegas-based, available for global events,Years crafting shows with top directors, choreographers
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A Sand Artist mesmerizingly presents a colorful ball at a corporate event. | Altus Entertainment
Futuristic Jump Rope Performance
Elite athletes deliver amazing jump rope performances,Gravity-defying LED and fire rope artistry,Customizable shows, solo to 12-piece, tailored by venue, music, audience.,Clients: Disneyland, Cirque Du Soleil, AGT, Best Dancecrew, etc,Fusion of acrobatics and dance
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A group of food-themed performers in red shorts posing for a photo. | Altus Entertainment
USA Twerk Dance Team
Masters in Twerkography with vibrant stage acts and atmospheric gogo dance,Representing USA with world-class twerk talent battles,Dynamic twerk showcases for any event,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas,Explosive twerk performances with class
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A woman in a white shirt performing on stage for holiday party entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Sizzling Diablo Performer
Record-holder and known as one of the best female Diabolo performers.,Experienced tumbler, gymnast, and dancer who has performed around the world.,Interactive sessions with take-home skills,Available to book worldwide, based in Las Vegas. ,Gravity-defying School Girl-themed show,High-speed Diabolo and juggling artistry
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Strolling Living Tables | Altus Entertainment
Strolling Living Tables
Visually stunning and fully functional,Offers a variety of items to guests,Trained theatrical professionals in extravagant costumes,Customizable themes and designs,Interactive entertainment meets service
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A person performing a high-flying trick on a skateboard at a corporate event entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Extreme Sports Action Stunts
Adrenaline-pumping event entertainment,Action sports with educational twist,High-energy stunts by professional athletes,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Phoenix
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A group of people performing tricks on bikes at a Cabaret and Stage Show event. | Altus Entertainment
BMX and Stunt Acts
Fusion of professional BMX and stunt work,Experienced performing worldwide,Halftime shows on NFL fields and NBA courts,Managed by a professional BMX performer and stunt actor,Guaranteed to wow and thrill audiences
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Daring BMX Stunt Show | Altus Entertainment
Daring BMX Stunt Show
Decade of high-flying BMX expertise,Customizable shows for any event,Fusion of BMX stunts and parkour,Featured on America's Got Talent,Engaging, adrenaline-packed performances
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Reptile Party | Altus Entertainment
Reptile Party
Customizable to fit your event theme,Touch and learn amazing reptile facts,Safe, supervised reptile handling,Family-friendly entertainment
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