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Jump Rope Stunt Performer

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   Unique blend of comedy and athleticism

   Perfect for Families/Children

   Interactive educational stunt shows

   Dynamic and adaptable performances

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Leap into our renowned jump rope stunt performer known for his high-energy, awe-inspiring performances that have dazzled audiences worldwide for over 25 years. Having graced the stages of presidential inaugurations and over 100 national television appearances, he brings a caliber of showmanship that turns the simple act of jump roping into a visual spectacle.

He is not just a performer but a Guinness World Record holder and an ambassador of Ropenastics, his unique blend of athleticism and artistry. His jump rope show is an interactive experience that captivates both young and old with its dynamic routines, astonishing stunts, and comedic flair. Whether he is creating living sculptures with his jump ropes or performing gravity-defying leaps, every stunt is executed with precision and undeniable skill.

This act is a perfect choice for event planners seeking stunt shows for hire that combine entertainment with education. He delivers more than just a stunt performance; he educates and inspires, promoting physical fitness and creativity through interactive shows and workshops. His passion for the art shines through as he shares his skills with students nationwide, making him a favorite in educational settings.

Our performer stands out with his unique talents and versatility when looking for stunt performers for hire. His shows adapt to any venue and audience, making him suitable for corporate events and school assemblies. He's not just performing tricks; he's spinning a jump rope narrative that amazes all who watch.

Don't miss the opportunity to hire our jump rope artist at your next event. Book now for a performance that intertwines record-breaking skill, educational value, and pure entertainment — a triple threat that guarantees to make your event an unforgettable spectacle.


  • McDonalds
  • Sprint
  • Chase
  • Taste of Chicago
  • Dance Chicago
  • American Heart Association
  • Fairs and Festivals Nationwide
  • Schools and Libraries Nationwide


"I can say, without reservation, that no artist is more trustworthy, brilliant, and dedicated." John Schmitz - Founder and Artistic Director of Dance Chicago

Dance Chicago

This show incorporated so many wonderful elements that truly entertained attending children and their families. The glow in the dark finale was truly amazing! Petra Morris - Children’s Services Supervisor

Arcadia Public Library

"First time I've ever seen a standing ovation!" Robert Guercio - Principal

Bell School

"Superb role model...He is a dynamic entertainer who creates excitement with his unique talent." Gail Archibald - American Heart Association

American Heart Association