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A BMX Rider performing speciality bike tricks with the Bike Tricks and Stunt Team. | Altus Entertainment

Bike Tricks and Stunt Team

booking highlights

   Professional bike stunt riders that are able to entertain guests of all ages

   Popular sports entertainment for various occasions including sporting events, festivals, and more

   Previous clients include brands such as Nike, Jeep, Panasonic or Adobe, and more

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in San Diego

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Experience the thrill of the ride with Altus Entertainment's premier stunt BMX and bike tricks, where gravity-defying bike tricks and high-octane action are the norm. Bringing a blend of extreme sports and dynamic showmanship, this team of professional riders is ready to amp up your event with a spectacle of spins, flips, and jaw-dropping stunts that will have your audience on the edge of their seats.

Searching for a truly electrifying attraction? Hire motorcycle stunt shows and teams where every performance is a masterclass in precision and flair. These stunt riders available for branded events bring not just skill, but a passion that brands them as emissaries of exhilaration. Their track record with top-tier clients like Nike, Jeep, and Adobe showcases their ability to integrate into any marketing strategy, making them a perfect fit for promotional events looking to leave a lasting, high-flying impression.

When you hire motorcycle stunt shows and teams, you're not just booking entertainment; you're investing in a headline act that promises to deliver a surge of adrenaline to any gathering, from NBA halftimes to local fairs and festivals. This diverse BMX stunt team seamlessly transitions from indoor arenas to outdoor venues, tailoring their breathtaking routines to your event's specific needs.

Embracing audience interaction with open arms, our BMX stunt riders invite onlookers to become part of the excitement. Post-show, they're ready to strike a pose for the cameras, ensuring that the memories of their incredible feats live on through your guests' shared photos and stories.

So, if it's a dose of extreme entertainment you seek, Altus Entertainment's BMX stunt riders are the key to unlocking unparalleled awe and wonder at your next event. Contact an entertainment specialist today and secure a performance that pedals circles around the conventional