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Motorcycle Globe Stunt Performance

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   Exhilarating globe of death motorcycle stunts

   Experienced riders with international acclaim

   Perfect for extreme showmanship events

   Death-defying feats in a thrilling spectacle

   Featured in Las Vegas and global events

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Dare to defy the ordinary and hire globe of death arena displays for an adrenaline-filled spectacle that will have your guests on the edge of their seats. Our Motorcycle Globe Stunt Performance is the epitome of heart-pounding, gravity-defying entertainment, showcasing a mastery of precision that can only be breathtaking.

Since its inception in 1986, our BMX performer's fascination with the Globe of Death has transformed into an international sensation. Our team, comprised of the world's most skilled riders, has taken this act across the globe, performing jaw-dropping stunts that have captivated audiences at video games, monster truck shows, and the prestigious stages of Las Vegas.

Picture the excitement of a death and gravity-defying performance ,blurring the lines between what's possible and what's not. Whether your event is near or far, our motorcycle stunt show is the perfect choice to add a touch of extreme showmanship and daring thrills.

Let your event be the stage for an unforgettable experience as we bring the Globe of Death to life. Each performance is a testament to the courage and tenacity of our riders, enveloped in a spectacle of speed and daring like no other.

Choose to provide your audience with an unforgettable encounter of elegance and excitement on wheels. Contact Altus Entertainment and book the Motorcycle Globe Stunt Performance today, where danger meets beauty in a dance of motorcycles and mettle.