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Altus Entertainment offers cutting-edge robot entertainment, perfect for adding a futuristic and innovative touch to any event. From serving guests to performing unique routines, our robots transform ordinary functions into extraordinary experiences, making your event unforgettable with high-tech charm.

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Blue and silver entertainment robot performer positioned against a white background | Altus Entertainment
Interactive Robot Host
Humorous, engaging robotic emcee, High-res content screen for dynamic branding,Real-time interaction with live voice control,Global performance experience in 46 countries
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Two people dressed up in halo costumes with LED and Glow Act. | Altus Entertainment
Fantastic LED Robots Dancers
The LED robot dancers can create a custom show that is stunning for any event,The LED dance show is a beautiful, captivating performance for two or four dancers,These LED robots are great for product launches, corporate events, festivals, and much more ,Available to be booked worldwide, based in Las Vegas
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Entertainment showcasing an LED robot performance. | Altus Entertainment
LED Talking Robot Performers
One of the first human operated LIVE ROBOTS in the USA,Lifelike LED robots that will amaze and entertain guests,LED segments that can change color at your request,Voice built-in speech synthesizer that allows the robots to talk and interact with guests
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Robot waiter carrying tray of food in entertainment setting | Altus Entertainment
Robot Servers
Advanced LIDAR and AI technology for nimble navigation and obstacle avoidance,Long-lasting 12-hour battery life to cover full service shifts,Autonomously returns to charging station, requiring minimal oversight,Adjustable and heavy-duty trays for versatile service capabilities,A futuristic approach to dining service that enhances customer experience
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Young woman in glamorous gown posing with performer in giant robot costume at festive entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Giant Robot Man
Towering 8ft LED robot experience,Dazzling dance moves with laser effects,Interactive fun for all ages,CO2 and confetti spectacle included,Futuristic and unforgettable event attraction
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Performer dressed as a futuristic robot entertaining a lively crowd | Altus Entertainment
Interactive Female Robot
Unique and interactive female robot,Offers engaging futuristic live robot performances,Versatile entertainer for various events,Sleek design with captivating LED lights,Excellent promotional tool for events
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White robot showcasing outstretched arms in performance display | Altus Entertainment
Robot Bartender and Barista
The first humanoid AI robot bartender and barista commercially deployed in the US,Provides a unique and futuristic attraction for guests and patrons,Delivers a high level of efficiency and consistency in drink preparation,Ideal for drawing attention and creating a memorable experience at events,Offers the novelty of cutting-edge technology with practical utility
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Daft Punk, renowned electronic music duo in a promotional image for the Entertainment company | Altus Entertainment
Mirror Man Mimes
Interactive, immersive light and dance show,Customizable high-energy spectacle,Unique laser guitar and violin effects,Perfect for corporate and private events,Reflective suits create mesmerizing visuals
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Robot Racing Team Building Activity | Altus Entertainment
Robot Racing Team Building Activity
Combines robot building and racing for ultimate team engagement,Flexible for groups from 10 to 600 people,Can be set up indoors or outdoors,Enhances teamwork and problem-solving skills,Unforgettable fun for all ages and departments,Session ranges from 90 to 120 minutes,Available onsite at your location in any meeting room setting
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Robot Entertainment for Your Events and Parties

Hire robots for event entertainment with Altus Entertainment and watch your event turn into a futuristic spectacle. In a world where technology continually evolves, integrating robots into your event is not just innovative, it’s a statement. Our high-tech robot entertainers are more than machines; they are the embodiment of modern sophistication and excitement, poised to take your event to the next level.

Imagine robots mingling among your guests, serving food with precision and flair, or expertly mixing and serving drinks. These tasks, typically mundane, become a source of fascination and entertainment. The robots’ ability to perform these functions not only adds a novel twist to your event but also showcases the fascinating possibilities of robotic technology.

Robot entertainment for your event extends far beyond practical services. Our robots can be the stars of your evening, engaging guests with tricks, choreographed routines, or even gently spoofing company routines in a playful, yet sophisticated manner. Their interactions with guests are not just entertaining; they are conversation starters, creating a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

Moreover, our robots for entertainment can be custom programmed to suit the theme and tone of your event. Whether it's a corporate function requiring a high-tech touch or a private party seeking a unique entertainment element, our robots can be tailored to deliver a unique experience. This customization ensures that the entertainment is not just impressive but also resonates with your event’s objectives and your guests’ interests.

Hire robots for event entertainment and watch as they become the focal point of the celebration. Their presence turns an ordinary party into an extraordinary experience. Guests of all ages are captivated by the novelty and technology, making your party a memorable one.

For those seeking innovative robotic party ideas, Altus Entertainment is your go-to source. Our range of robots and the experiences they offer are diverse. From interactive photo-taking sessions, where guests can capture moments with these futuristic beings, to robots that can participate in or lead games, the possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, with Altus Entertainment’s robots for entertainment, you’re not just planning an event; you're designing an experience of the future, today. These high-tech robot entertainers promise not just to meet but exceed your expectations, adding a layer of wonder and excitement that will leave your guests talking long after the event has concluded. Book with us and step into the future of event entertainment.