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Two people dressed up in halo costumes with LED and Glow Act. | Altus Entertainment

Fantastic LED Robots Dancers

booking highlights

   The LED robot dancers can create a custom show that is stunning for any event

   The LED dance show is a beautiful, captivating performance for two or four dancers

   These LED robots are great for product launches, corporate events, festivals, and much more

   Available to be booked worldwide, based in Las Vegas

Services Offered

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The LED dance show is performed by some of Vegas’ best street dancers. Dressed in state-of-the-art, high-tech costumes reminiscent of those worn by the super soldiers from the Halo video game series; these unique robots put on a fantastic wow factor at events and are sure to leave your guests with lasting impressions about how you handled their wedding or other celebration! Our robot performers can be customized according to our client's preferences regarding color schemes pink and green as well luminescent intensity levels which change continuously alongside music tracks playing during performances. Host your next event with the most energetic and enthusiastic dancers in town! Our LED robot street dance show will have everyone on their feet, from private party guests partying at Las Vegas nightclubs or corporate delegates attending tech-themed conferences. With highly choreographed routines that are sure not only excite but also inform audiences about what’s going down around them. Looking for a fun and interactive dance experience? Our LED Robots can perform freestyle mix and mingle performances for any event from product launches, corporate events, or festivals. They will pop-lock encourage people around them in the process! Contact our Altus Entertainment specialists today.