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Enthusiastic pianist performance at live entertainment event with amused background audience. | Altus Entertainment

Hire Dueling Pianos

Altus Entertainment offers the exhilarating experience of dueling pianos, perfect for adding a dynamic and interactive element to any event. With internationally renowned musicians, a wide-ranging repertoire, and audience engagement, our dueling pianos for hire guarantee a unique, memorable, and high-energy performance that will captivate and entertain your guests.

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A group of Covers Singers performing live at a party. | Altus Entertainment
Melodic Keys Ensemble
Customizable ensemble size for any event,Wide-ranging genres for custom-made soundtracks ,Impeccable live music experience in Texas,Houston-based musicians with versatile talents,Tailored performances for memorable occasions
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A man and a woman performing a unique piano act onstage for circus entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Dueling Piano Interactive Duo
All-request audience interactive, comedic dueling pianos show is perfect for any event.,Infectious chemistry comes from over 10 years of working exclusively together,Capable of playing for crowds numbering in the thousands, Incredible interactive entertainment that will have everyone up on their feet,Past clients include Pepsi, Microsoft, Walt Disney World, and Royal Caribbean Cruise
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A man is performing live music on a piano in front of a crowd. | Altus Entertainment
High-Energy Dueling Pianos
Repertoire of over thousands of songs to keep the partying rocking all night long ,Performs for over 70+ venues across the USA every year, with over 600 public and private shows under their belts ,Past clients include Pres. George Bush, Robert DeNiro, and Price Waterhouse Cooper ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York
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A group of individuals enjoying a party with a musical keyboard as a centerpiece | Altus Entertainment
Dueling Piano Show
Your favorites played in a piano face-off,Sing, laugh, and dance along spectacle,Wide-ranging repertoire for all tastes,Saturday nights alive in Times Square,Audience-driven setlist and high energy
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A man in a suit playing a keyboard | Altus Entertainment
Midwest Dueling Pianos
Dueling pianos with interactive flair,Tailored setlists for all audiences,Ultimate blend of music and humor,Versatile for announcements and DJing,Keeps the party energized all night
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All-Request Dueling Piano Show | Altus Entertainment
All-Request Dueling Piano Show
Choose from a vast selection of thousands of songs spanning every imaginable genre,Enjoy an evening filled with music, comedy, games, roasts, toasts, and much more!,The largest Dueling Pianos show in the USA
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Female pianist wearing sunglasses captivating audience with her performance | Altus Entertainment
Dueling Piano Band
Ultimate live show for an immersive experience,Exhilarating performances by professional musicians,Expansion from dueling pianos to a full live band,Can take song requests during your event,Unwavering commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction
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Female performer in black top leaning against a brick wall | Altus Entertainment
Female Singer and Pianist
Female Singer and Pianist with wide-ranging experience,Versatile event pianist for various occasions,Dueling Pianos for an energetic performance,Personalized musical planning for each event,Exceptional at festive holiday events
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Two male performers skillfully playing piano on stage at a live entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Dynamic Dueling Pianos
Electrifying interactive piano entertainment,Perfect pitch for weddings and corporates,Tailored lineup of hit dueling songs,All-inclusive, hassle-free entertainment pack,Nationwide acclaimed dueling acts,Can include a drummer, and a full band
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Hire Dueling Pianos for Events

Experience the electrifying energy of dueling pianos with Altus Entertainment, a musical spectacle that promises to captivate and exhilarate audiences of all ages. When you hire dueling pianos for your event, you're not just booking musicians; you're bringing in a whirlwind of talent, comedy, and interactive entertainment that will keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout.

Our dueling pianos act features internationally renowned musicians known for their dynamic performances. As they go head-to-head in a spirited piano battle, your guests will be swept up in the excitement, enjoying a wide-ranging repertoire that covers everything from swing and pop to country and rap. The versatility of our performers ensures that there’s something for everyone, making every performance unique and memorable.

What sets our dueling pianos apart is their ability to engage with the audience. This isn't just a performance; it's an interactive experience. Our pianists excel in taking requests, allowing guests to hear and dance along to their favorite tunes. The blend of high-quality music with interactive comedy creates a show-stopping spectacle that is both entertaining and engaging.

Altus Entertainment takes pride in providing one of the most entertaining Dueling Pianos shows you will ever witness. Perfect for any type of event, be it a corporate function, a wedding, or a private party, our dueling pianos act is designed to impress and captivate your audience, leaving them with lasting memories of an electrifying performance.

In summary, booking dueling pianos with Altus Entertainment is a guarantee of an exceptional musical jubilee. Our talented performers bring a unique combination of music, comedy, and audience interaction, ensuring your event is not just successful, but also a thrilling experience for all. Don’t miss out on this phenomenal entertainment choice – hire dueling pianos for your event today and prepare for an unforgettable musical showdown.