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Saxophonist for Hire and Flute Players

Altus Entertainment offers premier saxophone and flute acts, perfect for setting the mood at any event. From jazz to classical, our talented artists deliver versatile performances tailored to your theme and vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our artists offer a diverse range of musical styles, from timeless jazz and classical pieces to vibrant Latin, folk, and contemporary tunes.

Absolutely! Our artists work closely with clients to curate custom playlists that align with the event's theme and preferences.

Our artists are versatile and can perform solo or collaborate in duos, trios, or even full ensembles, depending on your event's requirements.

Yes, our saxophone and flute artists are professionals who can seamlessly collaborate with other musicians to enhance the overall musical experience.

Acts List

A black and white photo of a man holding a saxophone | Altus Entertainment
Saxophonist with LED
World-renowned wedding saxophonist with years of experience ,Based in Barcelona, Spain,Music tailored to suit your personal style and preferences,Bring a touch of elegance and class to any event,Can perform with or without LED
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A specialist musician playing a bamboo flute in a black robe | Altus Entertainment
Renowned Japanese Bamboo Flutist
Traditional Zen music for Japanese Bamboo Flute.,One of only 100 shakuhachi music professionals in the world,One of the few non-Japanese people to receive the Dai-Shi-Han certificate,Contemporary or traditional zen bamboo flute music,Performs traditional and modern music with other Japanese instruments, including the shamisen and the koto,Appearances include lectures about the origin, history, and development of Japanese music
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Musician poised to perform on stage, equipped with an electric guitar, adorned in a striking black and gold patterned jacket, surrounded by professional musical equipment at a live music venue. | Altus Entertainment
Stellar Event Band
Electrifying performances igniting your events,A versatile repertoire from the 60s to today,Michigan's finest musicians and vocal talents,Dynamic shows with cross-genre music mastery,Transforming events into legendary music experiences
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A soulful saxophonist performing on stage. | Altus Entertainment
Soulful Sax Player
Grammy-nominated saxophonist with a storied musical journey,Collaborations with renowned acts like Trombone Shorty and Orleans Ave, U2, Joan Jett, and Gary Clark Jr.,Extensive experience performing, recording, and touring in New Orleans and beyond,Based in the vibrant entertainment hub of Las Vegas, available for worldwide bookings
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Performer in formal attire skillfully grasping a saxophone | Altus Entertainment
Saxophone Player
An exceptional saxophonist with a talent for captivating audiences,Diverse musical selections that cater to any event's ambiance,Ideal for creating an elegant atmosphere with live saxophone music,Available for a variety of events, from intimate settings to grand celebrations,A go-to act for those desiring top-tier Jazz Acts for Hire
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A man playing a saxophone in a New Orleans-style Brass Band. | Altus Entertainment
New Orleans-style Brass Band
High-energy horn band,Size of the band can be customized depending on the event and volume requirement,They don't require electricity or advanced set-up times, which simplifies the event's timeline,Plays the great music of New Orleans as well as contemporary music,All incredible soloists and performers as well that have worked with many Grammy-winning stars in the industry,Band can be expanded to include a singer and guitarist to expand the sound even more
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Jazz-Pop Saxophonist | Altus Entertainment
Jazz-Pop Saxophonist
Versatile jazz-pop fusion performances,Saxophone mastery for every occasion,Tailored musical ambiance for events,Innovative blending of modern and classic styles
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An aerialist playing a saxophone on a rooftop. | Altus Entertainment
Versatile Saxophonist
Stage shared with legendary musicians,Sophisticated jazz to contemporary beats,Versatile solo or full band options,Global performer for bespoke events,Saxophonist with star-studded collaborations
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A group of musicians playing live music in a bar. | Altus Entertainment
Jazz Group
Jazz group with a diverse range of music available,Available to take song requests,Highly experienced musicians,Punctual and polished performances
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Flute and Saxophone Player for Weddings, Events, and Parties

Music has the power to evoke emotions, set the mood, and create lasting memories. And when it comes to instrumental music, the melodious tunes of the saxophone and flute stand out, offering a versatile range of sounds that can seamlessly fit into any event. At Altus Entertainment, we take pride in presenting our talented saxophone and flute artists who are adept at striking just the right chord for your event.

Imagine the soft, soulful notes of a saxophonist filling the room, creating an ambiance of elegance and sophistication. Or perhaps the lilting melodies of a flute player, adding a touch of grace and serenity to your gathering. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a corporate event, or a private party, our artists offer playlists that span a wide spectrum of musical styles. From the timeless classics of jazz and classical to the vibrant rhythms of Latin and folk, our musicians ensure that every note resonates with your event's theme.

Looking for a saxophonist for hire or a wedding saxophonist near me? Altus Entertainment has got you covered. Our saxophone and flute acts are versatile, working solo or collaborating in duos, trios, or even full ensembles to match your vision and budget. And with the increasing demand for a saxophone player for weddings or a flute player near me, we ensure that our artists are not just performers but musical maestros who work with you to curate a custom playlist, turning your event into a symphony of memories.