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Hire A Guitarist: Classical and Spanish Melodies for Your Event

Elevate your event's atmosphere by choosing to Hire A Guitarist. Altus Entertainment offers the finest in Classical and Spanish Guitarists, ensuring a performance filled with elegance, skill, and the perfect melody to complement your special occasion.

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A solo jazz musician posing with guitars on a wooden floor. | Altus Entertainment
Solo Jazz Musician
Eleven albums of soulful jazz expertise,Critically acclaimed Horace Silver repertoire,Enchanting solo performances or duos,Educational pedigree in jazz mentorship,Custom-tailored jazz for any event
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Live band performance on stage at a bustling nightclub | Altus Entertainment
80s Tribute Band
Professional and easygoing band ensuring a smooth event experience,Scalable performance to accommodate any size venue,Fully self-contained with lighting and sound equipment for high-quality shows,Fast and efficient setup and breakdown,Authentic 80s music experience with live performances
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A group of female performers, donned in vibrant red Mexican attire, skillfully holding traditional Mexican guitars | Altus Entertainment
All-Female Mariachi Band
Trailblazing all-female mariachi ensemble,Vibrant, high-quality Mariachi entertainment,Can be booked in various configurations to suit your evet,Dynamic repertoire for all tastes
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A group of men posing on a red couch for Labor Day Entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Cover Band
Top professional touring musicians,High end equipment and staging and costuming,Most accurate depiction of a real Tom Petty Concert,Longest running Tom Petty Tribute on the planet,Appeals to a vast demographic audience
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Male performer passionately singing and playing acoustic guitar on stage | Altus Entertainment
Professional Singer and Guitarist
Over 20 years of experience captivating crowds with live music,Able to engage with audiences for an interactive experience,Smart song selection that ensures a lively and involved crowd,100% portable music system, allowing for performance in any location,Expertise in delivering heartfelt acoustic covers and shows
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Latin Fusion Band | Altus Entertainment
Latin Fusion Band
Infectious Latin-Caribbean rhythm fusion,Multilingual melodies in Spanish, English, Portuguese,Authentic Latin fusion musical experience,Vibrant performances across continents
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Male performer wearing a leather jacket and holding a microphone on stage at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Scorpions Tribute Band
An extensive repertoire that covers Scorpions hits across multiple decades,Dynamic performances that capture the spirit and energy of the Scorpions,Available for a wide range of events, both domestically and internationally,A crowd-pleasing act for die-hard rock fans and newcomers alike,Continually updated setlist that includes the latest releases and deep cuts
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A virtuoso lead guitarist performing rock music on stage. | Altus Entertainment
Virtuoso Lead Guitarist
Three decades of virtuoso performances,Experience with high-profile Las Vegas shows,Electrifying solos and intricate harmonies,Repertoire ranging from rock to melodic ballads,Guarantees a show-stopping musical experience
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Three men standing next to a classic car. | Altus Entertainment
Classic Rock and Roll Band
Timeless early rock and roll tunes,Energetic and passionate performances,Versatile for venues of all sizes,Broad appeal for audiences of all ages,Guaranteed rockin' good time
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Hire A Guitarist for an Enriching Musical Experience

Looking to elevate your event with live music that resonates with elegance and passion? Hire A Guitarist through Altus Entertainment and bring the essence of sophistication to your occasion. Our selection of highly skilled Classical Guitarists and dynamic Spanish Guitarists stand ready to transform your gathering into an immersive, melodious journey.

By choosing to Hire A Guitarist from our roster, you're not simply filling a space with background tunes; you're setting the stage for an auditory feast that will captivate and enchant your guests. Whether it's the soft, romantic strumming for a wedding procession or a lively set that commands the attention of a corporate event crowd, our guitarists are the epitome of versatility and talent.

In the realm of strings and harmonies, the decision to Hire A Guitarist could be the defining touch that makes your event truly stand out. From the intricate fingerwork of a classical solo to the rhythmic flamenco chords that command one's presence, a guitarist can be both the highlight and the subtle undertone of the celebration.