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Groovy Band

booking highlights

   Polished and professional act with broad performance experience

   Dynamic blend of jazz, Motown, R&B soul, funk, rock, and top 40 pop/rock

   Diverse and extensive musical backgrounds of each band member

   Seamless fusion of various genres for a captivating performance

   Optional 3-piece horn section to elevate the energy

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Prepare to be swept up in a wave of rhythm and melody with the Groovy Band, Rochester's own multifaceted powerhouse ensemble. This 6-piece group is a musical chameleon, effortlessly transitioning across a spectrum that spans the soul-stirring depths of jazz and Motown, the irresistible grooves of R&B and funk, and the high-octane energy of rock and current pop/rock chart-toppers.

Every member of our party band and musicians hire is a maestro in their own right, with each bringing a unique musical background that enhances the group's kaleidoscopic sound. Whether it's the intricate improvisations of jazz, the heartfelt emotion of soul, or the timeless allure of Motown, they skillfully blend these styles to cater to every musical preference.

With a polished and professional demeanor, the Groovy Band is no stranger to the stage. Their extensive experience shines through in every performance, ensuring a seamless and captivating event. Their flexibility as a musical unit means that all shows are unique, allowing for a fully customized experience that aligns with your event's theme and energy.

For those looking to take their event to the next level, consider adding the Groovy Band's optional 3-piece horn section. The blaring trumpets, soulful saxophones, and sliding trombones will amplify the excitement, adding an extra layer of auditory bliss that your guests will remember.

Book professional groove musicians like our band to secure an event filled with unforgettable moments, engaging performances, and music that moves both the heart and the feet. Get ready to experience the sensational and hire our groovy function cover band to experience the sensational sounds that only the Groovy Band can deliver.

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  • 1000's of Weddings and Private Parties
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