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Female performer with vibrant purple hair passionately singing into a microphone onstage | Altus Entertainment

Funk and R&B Band

booking highlights

   Wide selection of Top 40, 80s, Urban, and Motown classics

   Band members are highly skilled in their respective instruments

   Lead vocalist with a soul-stirring voice

   Captivating audiences since 2010

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Immerse your guest in the vibrant energy of the best live funk band, hailing directly from the soulful heart of Detroit. Our ensemble delivers a high-octane performance that fuses the groovy essence of funk with the smooth melodies of R&B, creating an unforgettable musical journey. Each song in our expansive collection, featuring hits from Top 40 to Motown Classics and Gospel, is performed with authenticity and passion only found in true music lovers.

When you're looking for an R&B live band for hire, our group stands out with a lead vocalist whose voice reaches the back of the room and touches every listener's soul. Accompanied by exceptional guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, and percussionists, our band's chemistry is undeniable, ensuring every performance is as tight as it is dynamic.

Since 2010, our live R&B shows have been the talk of the town, adding a touch of Detroit flair to private and corporate events. The captivating performances delivered by this R&B and funk powerhouse are tailored to leave guests dancing and singing along, creating memories that last long after the last note fades.

Choose the best R&B and funk band to bring down the house with a night filled with infectious grooves and melodies. With professionalism and showmanship, we promise to bring your event to life in a way that only true masters of R&B and funk can.