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Funky Music Band

booking highlights

   Four-piece band excels in versatile musical performances

   Specializes in dynamic crowd engagement and involvement

   Multifaceted musicians with industry acclaim

   Ideal for every event, from clubs to weddings

   Energy-packed funk band performances

   Versatile setlist from '60s to modern hits

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Get ready to funk up your event with the premier, top rated funk bands for hire, brought exclusively by us. This four-piece ensemble is not just a band but a high-energy funk phenomenon, electrifying the East Coast with its rich musical prowess. From sultry nightclubs to grand weddings to vibrant festivals, they guarantee an unforgettable groove that will keep your guests grooving with funk all night.

Spearheaded by a lead vocalist with a stunning four-octave range, this band defies genres, delivering everything from timeless '60s classics to the latest chart-topping hits. Their lead guitarist is not just a player but a showman whose electrifying riffs and solos—played with his teeth or behind his back—are the stuff of legend. Complemented by a bassist whose funky beats provide the backbone for the group and a prodigious drummer whose beats are irresistibly dance-inducing, this band sets the standard for funk excellence.

Each performance is an experience, an invitation to listen and become part of the music. As top rated funk bands for hire, their expertise extends beyond the stage; they are accomplished writers, producers, recorders, and professionals who dedicate their art to the thrill of the show. When funk bands available for booking are on your to-do list, choose the one that does more than play music—they embody it.

So, look no further if you want your guests grooving with a funk band that delivers a sizzling, no-holds-barred musical journey. Our band's dynamic presence, combined with their virtuosity across all musical styles—blues, jazz, classical, rock and roll, R&B, country, and pop—ensures that the soundtrack to your event will be as diverse as it is captivating.

We proudly present the ultimate funk sensation, a band that promises a performance and a music extravaganza. With funk bands available for booking, you have the power to choose a legendary night of music. Contact our entertainment specialists today, and let's bring the funk to your next event!

The band made my wedding one to remember! Everyone had an amazing time! They are awesome, and I love how they get involved with the crowd. I highly recommend them for any event!


This is the only band you need to get the party going! Great entertainers and musicians - everyone raving! We’ll be seeing them again!

Karen P Sullivans

Great time, the band was Awesome and they played fun upbeat music. Everybody raved about them. We'll have them play next year

Daniel Brown