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A group of people from a Premium Corporate Pop-Fusion Band posing in front of a purple chair. | Altus Entertainment

Premium Corporate Pop-Fusion Band

booking highlights

   Opened for Ariana Grande, KC and The Sunshine Band, and The Righteous Brothers

   Covers pop, dance, 70s, 80s, 90s, rock, funk, country, latin and more

   Fully customizable set list and optional choreography

    High-energy, interactive band offers karaoke with guests

    Can add on dancers, extra vocalists, horn section, percussion, and more to fit all event types

Services Offered

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Elevate your gala to phenomenal heights with the eclectic rhythms of the Pop-Fusion Powerhouse, the premium live band for corporate events that blends unparalleled talent with a kaleidoscope of musical styles. Your event deserves more than just a playlist—it deserves a live soundtrack that pulsates with energy, engages every attendee, and leaves a resounding echo of amazement.

The Pop-Fusion Powerhouse is a vibrant journey through time, from the groovy beats of the '60s to the chart-topping bangers of today. Their diverse repertoire ensures that guests from every walk of life find their rhythm on the dance floor, creating an inclusive atmosphere that transcends age and genre.

This band is synonymous with versatility and has a proven track record of electrifying both intimate gatherings and grandiose corporate spectacles. Having graced the stage with luminaries like Ariana Grande and Ricky Martin, their prestige is matched only by their passion for delivering a dynamic pop fusion performance every single time.

But the Pop-Fusion Powerhouse does more than perform; they transform. With the ability to scale from an intimate duo to an opulent 12-piece Super Band, complete with fiery Latin percussion and a robust horn section, they curate their ensemble to flawlessly fit your event's scale and style. They even synchronize their wardrobe to your event's theme, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience from the first note to the last.

For those ready to host an event that's lavished with premium entertainment, look no further than the Pop-Fusion Powerhouse. They're not just a pop band for hire; they're a statement, a declaration of your event's distinction, and a promise of a night etched in the annals of your guests' memories.