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New Orleans Musicians for Hire

Altus Entertainment brings the authentic sound and vibrant spirit of New Orleans to your event with our talented New Orleans Musicians and Brass Bands. Specializing in genres that define the city's musical landscape, our performers capture the essence of Crescent City's rich cultural heritage, creating unforgettable experiences that celebrate its legendary musical history.

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A group of people in white robes singing at a corporate event. | Altus Entertainment
Soul Gospel Choir
Up to 25 powerful vocalists,Custom song arrangements offered,Versatile gospel and R&B repertoire,Decade-long performance cohesion,Ideal for events and weddings
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Three musicians performing live in a brick-structured venue for an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
New Orleans Jazz Band
Authentic New Orleans Jazz Band,Fusion of diverse musical styles,Performs music across jazz history,Sets an impeccable tone for events,Specialized Jazz trio for events
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A man playing a saxophone in a New Orleans-style Brass Band. | Altus Entertainment
New Orleans-style Brass Band
High-energy horn band,The size of the band can also be customized depending on the event and volume requirements. The Demolition Brass Band can also be expanded to include a singer and guitarist to expand the sound even more.,The group mobility mean they don't require electricity or advanced set-up times, which simplifies the event's timeline,Plays the great music of New Orleans as well as contemporary music,All incredible soloists and performers as well that have worked with many Grammy-winning stars in the industry
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Enthusiastic audience engaging with vibrant band performing on stage at a lively concert event | Altus Entertainment
Country Music Cover Band
Deeply rooted folk and blues sound,Perfect for any country-themed event,Interactive shows that get people dancing,Covering classics and modern country hits ,Authentic country music experience
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Band of male musicians holding instruments against a brick wall backdrop. | Altus Entertainment
LED Brass Band
Versatile LED brass band,Engaging roaming music option for audience interaction,Range of classic and contemporary songs reimagined,Tailored performance with various costume options,Memorable entrance act for VIP or guests
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Cultural Development Brass Band | Altus Entertainment
Cultural Development Brass Band
Dedicated to the cultural development of Chicago's youth,Experience the captivating world of brass band and second line culture,Enjoy a fusion of New Orleans' musical legacy and the creative history of Chicago,Be inspired by the infectious energy and passion of the talented ensemble
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A group of male performers posing in front of a brass instrument during an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Second Line Marching Band
Authentic New Orleans musical experience,Interactive parades engaging all guests,Perfect for weddings, CEO introductions, corporate celebrations, and so much more,Transform events into a festive Mardi Gras
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A man playing a DJ at a Christmas party while providing Latin and salsa music entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
All-Genre DJ
Expertly mixes all genres for a diverse and thrilling experience,Personalized music selection tailored to each event and audience,Years of professional experience and unparalleled energy,Ability to uplift morale and create vibrant atmospheres,Reasonable rates and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction
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Groovy Band | Altus Entertainment
Groovy Band
Polished and professional act with broad performance experience,Dynamic blend of jazz, Motown, R&B soul, funk, rock, and top 40 pop/rock,Diverse and extensive musical backgrounds of each band member,Seamless fusion of various genres for a captivating performance,Optional 3-piece horn section to elevate the energy
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New Orleans Brass Band for Events and Parties

Immerse yourself in the heart and soul of one of America's most iconic music cities with Altus Entertainment's New Orleans musicians. Our artists bring the pulsating energy and rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans' music scene to your event, creating an atmosphere that is both authentic and electrifying. When you book our New Orleans brass band or other talented musicians, you are not just hiring a music act; you are bringing the essence of the Crescent City to life.

Our New Orleans musicians are inspired by the city's legendary artists and its diverse musical heritage. They specialize in a range of genres that define the New Orleans soundscape, from the soulful melodies of jazz and R&B to the vibrant beats of brass bands. Their performances are a tribute to the city's musical roots, ensuring an experience that is both genuine and unforgettable.

Whether your event calls for the festive atmosphere of Frenchmen street clubs or the more soulful sounds reminiscent of iconic New Orleans music venues, our musicians are adept at recreating these environments. They bring the spirit of Mardi Gras parades, jazz festivals, and the city's lively street performances to your event, ensuring your guests are fully immersed in the unique vibe of New Orleans.

Booking a New Orleans brass band with Altus Entertainment means adding a lively and joyous element to your celebration. The brass band's powerful horns, rhythmic drumbeats, and infectious energy are perfect for parades, festivals, corporate events, and private parties. Their music is a celebration of life and culture, guaranteed to get your guests moving and grooving.

Our New Orleans musicians are not just performers; they are storytellers who use their instruments to convey the rich history and culture of the city. Their music goes beyond entertainment, offering an educational and culturally enriching experience. From the smooth and sultry tones of a jazz saxophonist to the upbeat and energetic performances of a brass band, our musicians capture the diverse sounds of New Orleans.

In conclusion, choosing Altus Entertainment's New Orleans musicians for your event is choosing to celebrate the rich musical history and vibrant culture of New Orleans. Our musicians are dedicated to delivering performances that are not only entertaining but also embody the spirit of the city's music. Contact us today to book the perfect New Orleans-inspired act for your next event and let the captivating essence of New Orleans music enliven your celebration.