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Louis Prima Jr & Band

booking highlights

   There is no doubt that this outstanding band will bring a feel-good vibe to any event

   One of the most energetic music performances you will ever witness

   This band brings Prima music into the 21st century, and they will get your audience up out of their seats

   Customized setlists for you and create the desired ambiance at any event

   The wild excitement of New Orleans band music with some classic Las Vegas flare

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Step into the swing of things with the captivating rhythms and vibrant presence of Louis Prima Jr, a bandleader who infuses the stage with electric energy guaranteed to get everyone moving. Like his legendary father, this powerhouse performer and his exceptional band, known as The Witnesses, are equipped to turn any event into an unstoppable swing party.

From the first blare of the horn section to the smooth, jazz-inspired vocals and the toe-tapping beats, Louis Prima Jr brings a contemporary edge to classic tunes, ensuring the music of Louis Prima Sr. resonates with today's audiences. Whether it's the nostalgia-evoking strains of "The Jungle Book" soundtrack or the full-throttle impact of their live performances, this energetic party band delivers a show that transcends the typical music experience—it's a full-on celebration of life.

Imagine the sheer joy at your event as guests of all ages are swept up in a whirlwind of swing, jazz, and unadulterated fun. This band isn't just playing music; they're weaving an auditory tapestry that captivates the soul and moves the body. It's no wonder they've achieved global acclaim, from jazz festivals to prestigious venues, bringing a feel-good vibe to every space they fill.

Customizing their performance to suit the ambiance and expectations of your function, Louis Prima Jr & The Witnesses are more than ready to create a musical journey personalized for your corporate event, VIP party, or exclusive gathering. This isn't just a band; it's a high-octane musical experience that promises to turn a gathering into an extraordinary affair.

  • Paris Las Vegas
  • Trump Taj Mahal
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Rio Las Vegas
  • Feinstein's
  • New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
  • 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days
  • Angelina/Zooma Zooma
  • Bei Mir Bist du Schon (also recorded by LPJ)
  • Buona Sera
  • I Wan’na Be Like You (also recorded by LPJ)
  • Jump Jive ’an Wail (also recorded by LPJ)
  • Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody (also recorded by LPJ)
  • Oh Babe (also recorded by LPJ)
  • Pennies From Heaven
  • Sing Sing Sing
  • That Old Black Magic
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
  • and many more