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Brass bands and ensembles are found here!

Infuse your event with the soul-stirring presence of live brass music from Altus Entertainment. Our Brass Bands range from high-energy New Orleans ensembles to serene brass quintets, perfect for any event looking to make a lasting musical impression.

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A group of men in hawaiian shirts standing in front of a car | Altus Entertainment
Nine Piece Big Band
Features a rhythm section and vocalist with three saxes, one trombone, and trumpet,This band has enjoyed a long and rich history in performing big band music,Will tailor the music for each specific engagement,Also performs as a full orchestra, quintet, quartet, and trio,Proud of our history of satisfying our diverse customer base
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A live band performs on stage in front of an audience. | Altus Entertainment
Jazz Orchestra
Adds a refined ambiance to any event,Multiple genres, including jazz, classical, Latin, and pop,Consists of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in jazz performance,Customized performances tailored to your event's theme or preferences
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A man playing a saxophone in a New Orleans-style Brass Band. | Altus Entertainment
New Orleans-style Brass Band
High-energy horn band,The size of the band can also be customized depending on the event and volume requirements. The Demolition Brass Band can also be expanded to include a singer and guitarist to expand the sound even more.,The group mobility mean they don't require electricity or advanced set-up times, which simplifies the event's timeline,Plays the great music of New Orleans as well as contemporary music,All incredible soloists and performers as well that have worked with many Grammy-winning stars in the industry
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Band of male musicians holding instruments against a brick wall backdrop. | Altus Entertainment
LED Brass Band
Versatile LED brass band,Engaging roaming music option for audience interaction,Range of classic and contemporary songs reimagined,Tailored performance with various costume options,Memorable entrance act for VIP or guests
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Cultural Development Brass Band | Altus Entertainment
Cultural Development Brass Band
Dedicated to the cultural development of Chicago's youth,Experience the captivating world of brass band and second line culture,Enjoy a fusion of New Orleans' musical legacy and the creative history of Chicago,Be inspired by the infectious energy and passion of the talented ensemble
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A group of male performers posing in front of a brass instrument during an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Second Line Marching Band
Authentic New Orleans musical experience,Interactive parades engaging all guests,Perfect for weddings, CEO introductions, corporate celebrations, and so much more,Transform events into a festive Mardi Gras
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Horn-Driven Instrumental Dance Band | Altus Entertainment
Horn-Driven Instrumental Dance Band
Available as a stage band, or a marching band,Can customize band size to fit your event space and budget,Can perform as a soloist all the way to a 25-piece band,Innovative sounds and musical range,Diverse original music performances suitable for various events
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Band of trumpet players performing outdoors in front of an architectural building | Altus Entertainment
Customizable Jazz Band
Tailors ensemble to your event needs,From intimate jazz duos to full brass bands,Fresh takes on jazz and big band classics,Versatile sound for any event atmosphere,Unforgettable jazz-infused experiences
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A group of people in red and white uniforms playing instruments for Independence Day entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Patriotic Brass Group
Honoring veterans with live music,Versatile for parades, ceremonies, concerts and more,Clients: NBC Sport, The Voice, Colbert, Pepsi, Paramount, DJ Khaled,Available for worldwide bookings, based in North America,Compact ensemble, wide-ranging repertoire
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Bring the resounding echo of brass to your event with Altus Entertainment's Brass Bands!

Why settle for background music when you can have the soul-stirring presence of live brass music?

Our Brass Bands are not just musicians; they are the pulse of any event. From the foot-tapping rhythms of a New Orleans brass band to the sophisticated melodies of a brass ensemble, we offer a spectrum of brass music that can be tailored to any event's atmosphere. Picture a marching band brass section leading your guests in a parade of celebration or a brass quintet setting a serene backdrop for an elegant dinner.

But it's not just about the music; it's about the ambiance. Our brass musicians are maestros at transforming spaces into lively, memorable scenes. Whether it's a brass band music that fills the air with excitement or a solo trumpeter that adds a touch of class, we ensure that the music resonates with your event's theme and your guests' spirits.

With Altus Entertainment, you're not just hiring a band; you're infusing your event with an unforgettable musical flair. We focus on delivering performances that are heard and felt, creating lasting memories for you and your guests.