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DJs with Musicians for Hire for Events!

For a unique and dynamic musical experience, choose DJ with Musicians for hire from Altus Entertainment. This perfect blend of a DJ and live musicians creates an electrifying atmosphere, ideal for any event looking for both a DJ and live music for hire.

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A black and white photo of a man holding a saxophone | Altus Entertainment
Saxophonist with LED
World-renowned wedding saxophonist with years of experience ,Based in Barcelona, Spain,Music tailored to suit your personal style and preferences,Bring a touch of elegance and class to any event,Can perform with or without LED
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A woman is djing at a holiday event. | Altus Entertainment
Extraordinary Female Singing DJ
Unique fusion of live vocals and DJ mixing,Diverse music styles: 90's, disco, house, Ibiza classics,Customized playlists for each event,International experience across Europe and Asia
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SUPERSTAR VIOLINIST | Altus Entertainment
Superstar Violinist
Created an innovative sound by combining hip-hop elements blended with pop, house, and reggaeton ,Classically trained, has performed with a diverse group of celebrities including icons such as Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, and Jadakiss ,Seen on major networks such as ABC, BET, and MTV and featured on NBC’s premier TV show America’s Got Talent
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Man skillfully playing drums with Las Vegas cityscape visible through window in the background | Altus Entertainment
Corporate and Event DJ
Over two decades of DJ experience in high-energy environments,Specializes in corporate and casino events with an unmatched Vegas flair,Renowned for leading nightclub residencies and events across major Las Vegas resorts,Offers a vast music library and tailored playlists for diverse crowds and occasions,Renowned as a music authority and advisor, setting the bar for contemporary DJ entertainment
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Happy male DJ enjoying himself behind a professional DJ set | Altus Entertainment
Eclectic DJ
Expertly curated sets across a wide range of musical genres,Dynamic performer who reads and responds to the crowd,High-quality, immersive live DJ experience,One of the best live act DJs with an engaging stage presence,Ideal for any event looking for tailored, energetic entertainment
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Interior view of a spacious auditorium featuring a large stage with professional lighting for live entertainments | Altus Entertainment
DJ In A Giant Mirror Ball
World's largest Mirror Ball act with live DJ and musicians,Can carry notable figures for grand entrances or speeches,A dazzling tribute to the Disco era with modern-day energy,A visually striking centerpiece for any event,The Mirror Ball spins, adding dynamic movement to the performance
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An aerialist playing a saxophone on a rooftop. | Altus Entertainment
Versatile Saxophonist
Stage shared with legendary musicians,Sophisticated jazz to contemporary beats,Versatile solo or full band options,Global performer for bespoke events,Saxophonist with star-studded collaborations
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Dynamic DJ | Altus Entertainment
Dynamic DJ
This DJ's refreshing style is sure to get everyone on the dance floor,Has over 10 years of experience,Has a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences,Has a great ability to read the room and choose the best songs,Ensures a smooth, well-communicated experience
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Performer dressed in business attire passionately playing a violin near a window for entertainment | Altus Entertainment
International Award-Winning Electric Violinist
Fusion of Eastern and Western violin sounds,Internationally recognized male electric violinist,Dynamic performances with charismatic stage presence,Enthralling audiences worldwide
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Live DJs with Musicians for Hire for Events & Parties

Elevate your event's musical experience with DJ with Musicians for hire from Altus Entertainment, where the energy of a live band meets the cutting-edge vibes of a DJ. This fusion creates an electrifying atmosphere that's unmatched in its ability to engage and entertain your guests.

Perfect for those looking to hire a DJ for a party, our DJs are adept at reading the room and tailoring their playlists to suit the mood and preferences of your audience. When combined with musicians for hire near me, this collaboration results in a seamless blend of live and electronic music, offering the best of both worlds.

Our live band for hire options feature talented musicians who can complement the DJ's tracks with live instrumentation, adding a unique depth and richness to the music. This combination ensures a dynamic performance that's both visually and acoustically captivating.

For events seeking live music for hire, this innovative concept brings a fresh and modern twist to traditional live performances. It's ideal for corporate events, weddings, private parties, and more - any occasion where music is a central component.

Expert Advice on hiring DJ with Musicians

When booking a DJ with live musicians through Altus Entertainment, it's not just about the music but the entire experience. To elevate your event, consider the acoustics and layout of the venue. Will the DJ and musicians have separate stages or share one? What kind of lighting will enhance the DJ's visuals and the musicians' performance? Also, consider the audio setup; a soundcheck is crucial to balance the DJ's electronic beats with live instruments. You can create an unforgettable, harmonious blend of live and electronic music with the proper staging, lighting, and sound.

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