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Chinese Cultural Acts for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers an immersive experience with Chinese cultural acts for hire, featuring traditional music, Kung Fu, acrobatics, and modern fusion shows. Book Chinese entertainment for a journey into China's rich heritage.

FAQ: Chinese

Our offerings include traditional Chinese instruments, Kung Fu displays, acrobatics, calligraphy, lion and dragon dances, and more.

Yes, we offer a mix of traditional acts and modern fusion shows that incorporate contemporary elements.

Yes, we can tailor our acts to align with your event's theme, ensuring a cohesive and culturally authentic experience.


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Hire Chinese Performers for Events and Parties

Immerse your guests in the vibrant and rich heritage of China with Altus Entertainment's Chinese cultural acts for hire. Our array of authentic Chinese performances is meticulously curated to bring the essence of China to your event, be it a grand corporate gala, a cultural festival, or a private celebration.

When you book Chinese entertainment from Altus, you're not just organizing an event; you're creating an unforgettable cultural journey. Our performances range from the melodious tunes of traditional Chinese instruments to the awe-inspiring displays of Kung Fu masters. Witness the agility and finesse of our acrobats as they perform gravity-defying stunts, and experience the tranquility and beauty of traditional arts like calligraphy and tea pouring.

Our diverse roster includes acts that celebrate legendary Chinese tales, such as Mulan and Shaolin warrior monks, alongside modern fusion shows that blend traditional elements with contemporary art forms. The energy of lion and dragon dancers, the skill of plate spinners, and the elegance of sword dancers and diabolo jugglers are just a glimpse of what we offer. When you hire Chinese performers from us, you're ensuring an experience that is as educational as it is entertaining.

For corporate events, we also provide themed team challenges and workshops, offering a unique blend of entertainment and learning. Engage your teams in activities like dragon costume making or dragon boat crafting, fostering skills in teamwork and leadership.

Choosing Altus Entertainment means opting for an experience that transcends mere performance. Our Chinese cultural acts for hire are not just shows; they are gateways to a world of tradition and artistry. Book Chinese performing arts with us and let your guests embark on an enchanting journey into the heart of China's cultural legacy.