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Acrobats delivering a thrilling table skate performance in a dynamic show | Altus Entertainment

Spin Cycle

booking highlights

   Mobile stage for dynamic performances

   Trio of world-class circus artists

   Ambient roving with hand balancing

   Innovative circus contortionist spectacle

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Step into the revolution of roving performances with our Spin Cycle. This mesmerizing mobile stage brings the spectacle of the circus directly to you. Combining elegance with excitement, this hand-balancing platform showcases some of the most talented performers in the circus: contortionists, pole, handstand duos, and juggling.

Daring, gravity-defying, and utterly captivating, the Spin Cycle elevates any event into a dynamic show that moves with your guests. Picture a trio of world-class artists twirling, bending, and balancing as they traverse your space, delivering up to 60 minutes of ambient roving performances. It's not just about witnessing a show; it's about being part of a living, breathing piece of art.

Our Spin Cycle act is a celebration of human strength and flexibility. Watch in awe as a circus contortionist bends into impossible shapes, a hand-balancing duo defies the laws of physics, and jugglers toss a symphony of objects into the air with impeccable timing and precision. All of this unfolds atop a mobile stage that is as innovative as the performances it supports.

We take care of all transport, freight, and labor, effortlessly bringing the Spin Cycle to your venue, whether it's an open plaza, a grand ballroom, or an intimate gathering space. Our team ensures seamless integration of this breathtaking hand-balancing platform into your event, leaving you free to enjoy the show and your guests mesmerized by the experience.

Let the Spin Cycle take your event on a journey through the artistry and excitement of circus performance without the confines of a stationary stage. Book now and bring movement, beauty, and an unforgettable atmosphere to your event with our extraordinary roving circus act.