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Jazz Age Circus Show

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   Time-traveling 1930s circus spectacle

   Cirque style shows infused with humor

   Nostalgic narrative with modern acrobatics

   Acclaimed international circus show

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Step back in time and be entranced by the Jazz Age Circus Show. This enchanting circus show marries the heart of the 1930s circus with the spectacle of contemporary cirque style shows. Delve into the spellbinding world of a 1930s widget factory, where the mundane is transformed into the extraordinary by the indomitable spirit of the American worker. This show, lauded by The New York Times as "exceptional, evocative, … and engrossingly entertaining," promises a performance and an immersive journey through an era of innovation and daring.

Let the nostalgia of the past whisk you away as the Jazz Age Circus Show unfolds. Inspired by the grandeur of Diego Rivera's murals, the whimsy of Rube Goldberg's illustrations, and the comedic brilliance of Charlie Chaplin, this circus show is a witty, artful tribute to bygone days. With acts that showcase the raw beauty of human strength and agility, audiences are entranced by contortionists spinning on turntables powered by unicyclists and trapeze artists propelled to new heights by the revolutions of acrobats and trampoline wall artists who turn gravity into a playful challenge.

The Jazz Age Circus Show is a tale of laughter, love, flight, and birdhouses—a captivating narrative woven through world-class acrobatics and the kind of slap-stick humor that transcends time. Each scene is an homage to the innovation and resilience that characterized the 1930s, with a touch of circus magic that is both timeless and contemporary.

Having inspired audiences from New York's New Victory Theater to Hong Kong's Lyric Theater, this circus show is seasoned with international acclaim and ready to transform your event into a window to an exhilarating era. Book the Jazz Age Circus Show for an unforgettable addition to your gala, festival, or theater season, and offer your guests an experience as remarkable as it resonates with the echoes of a spirited age.


Las Vegas, NV , US
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"Exceptional, evocative, and engrossingly entertaining"

New York Times