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Giant Games and Fun Fair Entertainment

Altus Entertainment offers an array of giant games and fun fair entertainment options to add a unique and interactive element to your event. Featuring oversized classic games, innovative fun fair activities, and interactive stalls, our entertainment services provide an unforgettable experience that encourages fun and engagement among guests of all ages.

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A group of people playing roulette at a casino during a themed entertainment event. | Altus Entertainment
Casino Night Event
Casino Parties delivered anywhere in the Pacific Northwest,Fun and exciting casino night event,Night at the Derby video horse racing events,Customizable to your event needs,Expert staffing with friendly and professional dealers
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Entertainer performing trick with hula hoop on bicycle | Altus Entertainment
Chariot Rover
Grand entrances on a 10-foot tall platform,Circus-style aerialist bike performances,Hand balancers elevated above the crowd,Full transport and setup by our team
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A woman holding a surfboard | Altus Entertainment
Interactive Surfboard Art
Interactive activity for guests to color in the pre-printed graphics,Color markers, assistant, and custom graphic included.,Perfect for beach parties, events, and group activities,Provides a customizable artwork that can be kept as a unique keepsake,8-foot surfboard acts as a giant coloring book
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A group of cheerleaders posing for a picture at a corporate event. | Altus Entertainment
Uncle Sam Stilt Walker and Performer
Unforgettable, high-energy entertainment,Ringling Bros. Clown College graduate,Expert stiltwalker and juggler,Adaptable to diverse event types,Interactive and engaging performances
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Hosted Trivia Game | Altus Entertainment
Hosted Trivia Game
Option to be hosted virtually,Interactive and engaging team building trivia game,Host has over 25 years experience on hundreds of events,Customizable questions and images for your group
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Comedy Arcade Fortune Teller | Altus Entertainment
Comedy Arcade Fortune Teller
Comedy improv show based on the timeless arcade fortune teller machine,Entertains guests with his magic and comedy, and hands out witty fortunes as a remembrance souvenir,Great for breaking the ice during corporate events or private functions,Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York
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Mannequin displaying pink and green dress for entertainment performance | Altus Entertainment
Stilt Walking Performers
Sky-high greeters and interactive hosts,Customizable costumes for any theme,Ambient acts that tower over the rest,Choose from greeters, ambient entertainment, living red carpets, and more...
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Professional entertainer wearing a blue suit while holding a stylish hat | Altus Entertainment
Comedy and Hypnosis Magician
Over 35 years of comedic magic expertise,Unforgettable magic and hypnosis acts,Customized shows for diverse events,Engages audience with humor and awe,Renowned and reputable entertainment choice
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Game Show Event | Altus Entertainment
Game Show Event
Interactive and engaging game show event,Choose from Game Shows featuring Family-Feud-style Survey Says or Casino-Style Games,Customizable questions to fit your group,Includes music, lighting, and uplighting with choice of arcade and game rentals
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Fun Fair Activities for Hire

Elevate your event with Altus Entertainment's giant games and fun fair attractions, where the fun and excitement are larger than life. Our giant games are not just games; they are the fantasy of every child and 'big kid' brought to life. Imagine your guests playing oversized versions of their favorite games like Battleship, Connect Four, Chess, and more. These games offer a unique twist on nostalgia, adding an element of surprise and delight to your event.

Our fun fair activities for hire are designed to give your guests experiences they've never had before. From floating on air to catching a virtual wave, entering immersive virtual worlds, and more, we offer a range of attractions that cater to the thrill-seeker in everyone. Our fun fair games and stalls for event are perfect for adding an element of excitement and adventure to your event.

Additionally, we offer interactive arcade games with a twist. Picture live-action claw machines and fortune-telling machines manned by actors, delivering messages and fortunes tailored to your event or the guest of honor. These personalized interactions ensure that your guests receive an experience that is both fun and memorable.

With Altus Entertainment, the options – and the fun – are only limited by your imagination. Our giant games and fun fair entertainment are ideal for any event, from corporate functions to private parties. Our fun fair games and stalls for events provide a playful escape and a chance for your guests to engage in friendly competition and laughter.

In summary, Altus Entertainment's games and fun fair games available to hire offer a whimsical and interactive way to entertain your guests. Book with us today and let us transform your event into an unforgettable playground of giant games and exhilarating fun fair experiences.