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Comedy Arcade Fortune Teller

booking highlights

   Comedy improv show based on the timeless arcade fortune teller machine

   Entertains guests with his magic and comedy, and hands out witty fortunes as a remembrance souvenir

   Great for breaking the ice during corporate events or private functions

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York

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Step right up for a dose of laughter and nostalgia with our living Zoltar, the improv comedy fortune teller straight from the golden era of arcades. This life-sized character brings the magic of the mystical arcade game to your event, providing humor, surprise, and a whirlwind of interactive fun.

Our arcade fortune teller machine hire isn't just a silent machine waiting to dispense your fate; he's a quick-witted comedian and magician ready to tickle your funny bone with personal fortunes, magical tricks, and rib-tickling jests. Watch as he mystifies and entertains, delivering not just a card, but a memorable experience that will have your guests talking and laughing long after they've walked away.

Ideal for bringing coworkers together at corporate events or adding a playful touch to private parties, our living Zoltar is a showstopper that appeals to all ages. Guests will line up to hear their comedic fortunes and enjoy the one-of-a-kind entertainment that only a live arcade game can offer.

The distinctive machine-fashioned suit of our living comic fortune teller performer for event not only adds authenticity to his character but also turns every performance into an interactive spectacle. He serves up a perfect blend of comedy and nostalgia, ensuring an atmosphere of light-hearted fun and engagement.

Bring the timeless allure of the boardwalk to your next event with this interactive entertainer who promises nothing but good times and great laughter. Book a living Zoltar fortune teller today and guarantee your guests an extraordinary experience they'll treasure as a keepsake of fun.


  • Big E state fair, Alaska state fair, Adventureland theme park in Altoona, Iowa etc