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Electro Swing Duo

booking highlights

   Perfect for audience engagement and dance

   Wide range of music styles in one act

   Exciting mix of DJ with Pianist

   Unique Electro Swing Duo for high-energy performances

   Contemporary vibe with a vintage twist

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Electro Swing Duo PHOTOS


Get your audience moving with the irresistible rhythms of our Electro Swing Duo. This vibrant act combines a seasoned DJ with a gifted pianist, creating a sensational blend of modern electro beats and nostalgic swing tunes. The result is a high-energy performance that transforms your event into a pulsating dance party.

The Electro Swing Duo is more than just a musical act; it's a dynamic celebration of two diverse genres fused into a unique auditory experience. The DJ pumps out a mix of energetic electro beats, complemented by the smooth melodies played by the pianist. This compelling contrast of sounds creates a rhythmic synergy that will have your guests tapping their feet and itching to hit the dance floor.

Our Electro Swing Duo offers a versatile performance, mashing up various music styles - from boogie piano and world music to ska, Balkan, and swing. This broad musical palette ensures that our act appeals to a wide demographic, bringing together guests of all ages on the dance floor.

This unique act, defined by the collaboration of two distinct music talents, is perfect for any event. Whether it's a corporate event, private party, or music festival, our Electro Swing Duo will add a contemporary and energetic vibe with a vintage twist.

Book the Electro Swing Duo for your next event now, and let our DJ with Pianist elevate your occasion with their infectious rhythms, ensuring a memorable time filled with dance and joy.